Friday, March 18, 2011

Sephora Professionnel Platinum Foundation Airbrush #55

Foundation brushes come in several shapes, materials and sizes corresponding to foundation textures and application techniques. I promise to dedicate a post to the subject at one point and probably discuss and compare some of my favorite foundation brushes, but for now it's still one review at a time.

Sephora Professionnel Platinum Foundation Airbrush #55 is on the big and thick side. It's a synthetic brush with a full round head that grabs, distributes and applies liquid and thin cream foundations beautifully. It feels nice on the skin as you buff the foundation in circular motions and gives the promised flawless airbrushed finish. While my favorite foundation brushes may be the flat top Stila (technically a blush brush) and a smallish Hakuhodo, both made of natural hair, with certain formulas I find that Sephora #55 is a better choice.

I'm quite fond of Sephora's Platinum Airbrush tools- the #56 (I'll review at some point in the future) is a smaller version of this one and is quite essential, actually, since the one weakness of #55 is that it's too big and requires backup tools in small crevices like around the nose. Basically, if you insist on only using one makeup brush to apply your foundation you'll have to look elsewhere, because this wide and dense(ish) brush needs its team.

My Sephora Professionnel Platinum Foundation Airbrush #55 has been through countless washings (it takes 18-24 hours to dry, by the way) and has retained its shape perfectly. It doesn't shed and since I started using gentle dish detergents such as Caldrea and Mrs. Meyers for my foundation brushes (also great for lip brushes, by the way), I've manage to restore the fibers to their original pristine colors every time (though the one in the photos is a new one, as I needed a backup).

Bottom Line: a staple.

Sephora Professionnel Platinum Foundation Airbrush #55 ($34) is available online and at Sephora locations everywhere.

All photos are mine.


  1. This brush sounds fantastic. For some reason, I tend to avoid Sephora brushes.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on Hakuhodo brushes.


  2. I use sephora's professionnel blending brush for my concealer and it's so nice..

    Ive been contemplating getting this.. How does foundation apply with this brush?

  3. Thanks for reviewing this brush. Though I love using Le Metier's foundation brush, I was curious about this one too.

  4. Wow thx for this review. It looks a lot like the big Louise Young foundation brush -- do you know how it compares to that?

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