Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge- Decorous

Decorous is one of the four nail polish colors in Rescue Beauty Lounge's spring 2011 Iconic/Ironic collection. I pre-ordered two of them so many weeks ago that when they finally arrived it was almost like an unexpected surprised. And a very nice one. Decorous is one of my most favorite nail colors of the season because it's very unique while maintaining an understated elegance that doesn't compete with the bold hues and patterns of spring and summer. I can wear Decorous with a bunch of chunky bracelets and bangles or a statement ring without crossing the line into circus territory.

Decorous is a chai latte color with cool toned micro shimmer that doesn't manifest as particles or frost. Instead it's an undertone- something we've seen in several other Rescue Beauty Lounge colors (like Ani). It catches and reflects the light beautifully- I tried to capture it in the swatches and failed miserably, but I hope you can see that this is not a flat beige.

The formula of this Rescue Beauty polish is excellent. Two coats give you full opacity, the color dries in minutes and is extremely hardy. What you see in the photos is after three and a half days of wearing without a top coat. The polish didn't crack or peel even after a week and only showed the expected tip wear, so that's very impressive even for Rescue Beauty.

Bottom Line: Excellent.

Decorous ($18) is a limited edition color for spring 2011 (the Iconic/Ironic collection). It's available right now at

All photos are mine. Cat in the background is Betty.


  1. Beautiful! I did my nails with Insouciant the other day but I'm taking it off asap to do one to match yours Gaia ;)

  2. Ooh, this is very pretty. I have chipped remnants of RBL Grunge on my nails as I am typing. I want to know how this compares to my favorite nude polish.

  3. This is a really stunning color that I think would look fantastic on everyone. Might pick this up if they've still got it in stock.

  4. Lovely colours, these really are cool and very wearable, I'm searching for it now x

  5. Love this colour! Have to figure out where to buy it here though!


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