Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Last night I finally found some attention span for fiction, so I re-started Eva Moves the Furniture, a novel by Margot Livesey. It's been years since I read Livesey and now I remember how much I like her.

As I was searching for the video of Damien Rice's Accidental Babies (nothing to do with K-Fed, I promise), I found a live performance of his somewhat odd version of Jacques Brel 's Ne Me Quitte Pas. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Andy Tauer's new Zeta. Review and giveaway coming as soon as I find the words.

Oddly enamoured with several Laure Mercier items.

Frequently worn outfit/item
A colorful DVF print scarf that enlivens all those black and grays.

Brown rice with fresh avocado, a splash of soy sauce and wasabi. So simple, so delicious. The rice cooker is my BFF.

Right here, right now, with the cranky old orange tabby on my lap, good music and an open window.

Bane of My Existence
I'm having a banelss day.

Lilacs, magnolias and not wearing a coat when leaving the house.


Alexander McQueen Faithful leather clutch. It's such a practical piece- has the elegance of a clutch but actually big enough (8"H x 15"W x 2"D) to hold a lot more than a lipstick. $695 at Neiman Marcus.

How are you? Please share your currents and any random thought in the comments.

Top photo by me- the first daffodils in my backyard.
Alexander McQueen clutch:


  1. Ah damien rice - fellow countryman - love!
    Lusting over Guerlain Rouge Automatiques. Anticipating - finishing tax exams.

  2. I 'm wearing Eau de Givenchy vintage and White Patchouli Tom Ford, together or not. I'm trying to finish my post laurea degree but i am taken by the spring and the least i want to do is to study. I want to go to the sea and swim, i allready bought a suncream and i'm definitely going to swim this weekend. I stoped smoking months ago and i started cooking my own food, which i consider a wise habit and also creative, giving and mind relaxing. I like Bach music especially oboe concerts and soundracks from old european films. I knit various jackets and blouses, i left unfinished a painting i started a month ago with the theme of Ravenna, the italian city and i want to be in the fresh air as much as possible.

  3. I love avocados and reading your post has me craving one. I am another poster who cannot wait for the new Guerlain lipsticks. I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow and spending it with my puppy dogs!

  4. Book (s)-Four Fish: The Future of The Last Wild Food, and Stuffed and Starved, The Hidden Battle for The World Food System
    Song-anything by NIN or Rush
    Perfume-L Artisan's Patchouli Patch, layered with Mure et Musc or their original Vanilla
    Makeup-Le Metier de Beaute
    Food-my home made sticky green rice with sauteed tofu, very refreshing and tasty (and healthy)
    Frequently worn item-yoga gear
    Bane of my existence, none really, although I'd love to be able to wear the latest Guerlain foundations, my skin turns them orange, of all colors!
    Joy-finally figuring out my tummy problems-no more gluten, but I feel great for the first time in a loong time!


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