Tuesday, March 15, 2011

La Prairie Hematite Eye Shadow Cellular Treatment Eye Colour

It was the color that caught my eye. La Prairie Hematite eye shadow from their Cellular Treatment Eye Colour range is a gorgeous cadet blue with the finest silvery micro-shimmer. Then, of course, there's the silky texture combined with an intense pigment that can be blended, sheered or used as is for lining and/or the poshest looking blue smoky eye. I was a goner.

Like all La Prairie products, the eye shadows come in a heavy, well-crafted compact that is as beautiful and detailed as the product inside. There's the usual velvet pouch we find in most high-end luxury makeup items and unfortunately the ubiquitous sponge applicators that would do in a pinch, but seriously, when will these company learn? If one is a La Prairie customer, chances are she's also cultivating a really nice brush collection, so why not work with that and offer a real full-size brush worthy of the eye shadow for every purchase of two products or something along these lines?

The first time I tried Hematite in a makeup look I used a semi-dense crease brush that picked so much product I spent the next couple of minutes blending frantically. It was just two much for a casual day look. Since then I learned to adjust- Hematite can be as dark or as sheer as you like it and even work as a light wash of color over the lead (I use Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep brush and then blend well into a nude base with Chanel #12 or Edward Bess). It also makes a gorgeous liner that needs very little to complement the look and stays in place over a primer until you go after it with a makeup remover. The shimmer in this eye shadow is very subtle and not really a factor- it adds some light, but looks polished and elegant, worthy of the most professional work environment.

As for the "Cellular Treatment Eye Colour", I don't know. I expect my makeup to look beautiful and not damage my skin. I'm happy when the formulas are chock-full of anti-oxidants, but I don't expect color products to give me a "cellular treatment", whatever that means. I try to choose items that are dazzling and irresistible. Skin care is held to other standards of performance and results.

Bottom Line: unfortunately,  there are several other La Prairie colors in my near future.

La Prairie Cellular Treatment Eye Colour ($45) is available from top department stores as well as online.

All photos are mine.


  1. Oh dear god - $45 for an eyeshadow. Well if I can easily shell out $32 for lipstick then what's stopping me, right?

    That is a gorgeous color - I will need to see this in person.

  2. great color. cadet blue is an awesome complement to brown eyes. it makes them pop even better than plum. must check this one out.


  3. That color is stunning.

    I have avoided blue eyeshadow for years, but you seem to have my coloring, and clearly, you're not intimidated by the blues. I'm getting tempted.

    Is there anything approximating this shade out there for a bit less than the whopping $45 for those of us who want to experiment for a bit less at first?


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