Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ellis Faas Light Eyes E302

Ellis Faas Lights are five cream eye shadows with a shiny metallic finish. They come in the signature Ellis Faas pen applicator with a built-in brush and are meant to be the wow-factor part of the three available formulas.

I've covered the issue with this applicator format in my previous review and some readers have chimed in about their own experience. As I've mentioned, Ellis Faas is in the process of redesigning the pens, so hopefully the new ones would do justice to what is otherwise great formulas and colors. E302 Light Eyes is no different in that aspect- the golden green shade is gorgeous and versatile. You can sheer it out and work with a neutral/nude base to make it easier to wear, or keep it thicker and very rockstar. I use very little and keep it on the lid, close to my lash line, so it doesn't overwhelm. Ellis Lights can work for anything for a sheer all-over wash or as a liner, depending on the brush you use.  Once the color is dry and set (very quickly) it stays put over a primer and doesn't budge or crease. It's absolutely marvelous in this regard.

As for application, everything I said about E107 is still valid for E302. Click the pen with caution (you can see how much product was dispensed when I swatched) and don't even think about using the plastic built-in applicator. Clean it after every use to prevent clogging (I use makeup removing wipes), and make sure to always keep the cap tightly on the pen. This is a lot more maintenance than I like, not to mention that for the price I expect perfection without so much effort to make it work.

Bottom Line: I love the color and texture of the eye shadow. Applicator is still a disaster.

Ellis Faas Light  Eyes E302 ($42) is available from ellisfaas.com, Bergdorf Goodman (in store only) and SpaceNK. This product was sent by the company for my consideration.

All photos are mine.

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  1. This is truly a gorgeous color, and would look amazing on brown eyes! I'm still working on my application technique (I have E204)...I still haven't managed to get the shadow on correctly in less than 10 minutes. However, once I get it down, I'm loving this one!


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