Thursday, March 17, 2011

Laura Mercier Gel Lip Colour- Sneak Peek

This sneak peek of Laura Mercier's new Gel Lip Colour lipsticks in Rosette (left) and Sweet Cherry is here straight from the UPS truck. I just got them and rushed outside to take photos using the last rays of today's sun (thank you, Daylight Saving Time). Obviously, I'll have detailed reviews and swatches of both colors once I actually get to wear them (on my lips, it is. Right now I'm just impressed with how the gel swatches on my wrist and arm haven't transferred to either my laptop or to the orange tabby who placed himself comfortably next to me).

First impression is that the texture is great and I'm going to wear both colors all summer. One thing before everyone runs off to the Laura Mercier website to place an order, the lipsticks have the strongest scent I've come across in a makeup product- yes, stronger than Guerlain's violets. As soon as I took off the caps from Rosette and Sweet Cherry I got a blast of an almondy heliotrope that intensified as I swatched the lipsticks and is still here 30 minutes and one cat later. Seriously, my left arm with the swatches is resting against Kosh and I can still smell it very clearly, so those of you who dislike heliotrope or are sensitive to scented lipsticks, please take it into account.

The new Gel Colour lipsticks ($22 each) are currently only available online from I'm not sure when they'll be at the counters.

Bonus: Here's the last photo I took once I was done with the lipsticks. Giselle was happy to pose:


  1. Sorry to say that I LOATHE heliotrope. So, I'll be waiting for the new Chanel lipsticks to show up next month...
    thanks for the review.

  2. They look gorgeous, as does Giselle.
    I kinda like heliotrope, but I'd have to smell in person to know if I could put up with it on my lips!

    If you ever want to do a post on how you get such fabulous glamour shots of your kitties, I'd LOVE it. That or bloopers ;)

  3. I will definitely have to check this out. Also, I cannot resist a lipstick that costs under $25!

  4. Well,
    The colors look amazing and I LOVE the idea of a gel lipstick, but why oh why is it heavily scented? Generally if you can smell it, you can also taste it. Thanks for putting them on my radar Gaia! I will wait until they are at my local Sephora before jumping in an ordering.

  5. I want to give these a try-the colors look lovely, but I'm not sure about heliotrope-scented lips. It's ok in a perfume but might be overwhelming right under my nose. Will have to give them a smell at my local Nordies first.
    Great review and as always, love the kitty!

  6. My local Nordstrom (King of Prussia) already has the testers for these. The associate kindly unpacked them for me to see yesterday and I actually tried each and every color. The colors are really quite intense on and unfortunately, I felt that not a single one looked good on me :( Maybe the absence of a nude pink just made it feel out of my comfort zone. But the formula seems quite nice.


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