Thursday, March 03, 2011

Shiseido Iron Maiden RS308 Shimmering Rouge Lipstick

The newest lipstick formula from Shiseido, Shimmering Rouge, is a lovely gloss-like lipstick that gives sheer but pigmented coverage (at least in the darker colors, I didn't test any of the nudes). Shimmering Rouge has tiny shiny particles that reflect the light beautifully but do not actually appear on the lips as glitter while the lipstick is fully on (there is left over shimmer once it wears off, so you really need to reapply). This is the most moisturizing and comfortable to wear out of all the Shiseido lipstick I own and has a spring/summer feel to it.

While at the Bergdorf Goodman Shiseido counter I was looking at the more subtle shades but didn't fall in love until I tried the somewhat menacing Iron Maiden RS308. I thought it would be too cool, too purple and unnatural, but was surprised to discover how well this true rose color works on my lips. Since the formula is sheer, if you have pigmented lips it lets your natural color show through enough to make Shimmering Rouge very wearable, even in this shade. If you're fair, the swatch on my deathly pale wrist (I was still sick when I took the pictures) should show you a good approximation on how the color of Iron Maiden RS308 would look on your lips.

Bottom Line: Love. Would be happy with more color options.

Shiseido  Shimmering Rouge Lipstick  ($25) is available now from most decent department stores.

All photos are mine.


  1. How would you compare Iron Maiden to NARS Gothika? I believe Gothika is also a favorite of yours. I'd love to find a lipstick version of it, just not big on glosses.

  2. Gaia-is this the color of lipstick the model is wearing in the ads for Shiseido's Spring 2011 makeup collection? If not, do you know what color she is wearing? Thanks!

  3. Dain, I'll let you know soon- just need to find my Gothika and compare.

  4. Simone, yes, this is the color the model is wearing, but she's also quite photoshopped so it's not 100% accurate.

  5. I adore these Shimmering Rouge Lipsticks from Shiseido, and now I want this shade too! I have become a Shiseido junkie!

  6. CG, I want more colors from this line. Iron Maiden is the prettiest on me out of those I've tried, but hopefully they'll release many many more.

  7. Dain, I found my Gothika and have been playing to compare. On my lips, Gothika pulls more red or raspberry-like while Iron Maiden is decidedly cooler. The finish is also very different, since Shisido is much thicker and almost balmy.

  8. I own the Shiseido Perfect Rouge in the "Rose Bronze" color and I love it. I will have to try out the Shimmering Rouge! The "Iron Maiden" shade is gorgeous! Love your blog page too, btw!

  9. I love this only because of the name!! IRON MAIDON *headbanging*


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