Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Edward Bess Bess-Lash Mascara

I wasn't a big fan of the original Edward Bess mascara, so the news of a new formula and format thrilled me to no end: such an amazing makeup line like Edward Bess should also offer an outstanding mascara. The new Bess-Lash is exactly what I would hoped it would be. An elegant mascara that works with Edward's refined colors and subtly enhances the eyes.

Bess-Lash is a volumizing mascara and doesn't add any extra length. That's perfectly fine with me, considering my natural lashes are longer than average, though they stick straight ahead instead of gracefully pointing upwards. When I curl my lashes before using this Edward Bess mascara I get the desired look, and since Bess-Lash formula doesn't add fibers and particles that weigh it down, it holds the curl perfectly for hours. The formula is creamy and as I've been using it exclusively in the two weeks since I got it (including on some miserable no-makeup sick days) I have yet to encounter any goops and clumps.

The brush applicator is actually a plastic comb that does an excellent job separating the lashes and keeping the look clean and polished. The wand is so narrow and effective I can even use it to touch up my lower lashes, which is something I rarely do. The mascara is quick to dry and doesn't smudge. I didn't get 'coon eyes after a quick walk in the rain (it was a very short walk in the mall's parking lot, but still).

It occurred to me that Bess-Lash might be the solution for men who desperately seek some discreet lash action without looking like they're wearing makeup. Since this mascara also comes in a dark brown shade, this might be worth checking out if you're a guy whose lashes have been turning gray or are just too sparse. A gentle touch with the Bess-Lash comb could be all that's needed, just avoid the black mascara because it's a bit too obvious on a guy unless your lashes are naturally very black.

Us girls can easily wear the black one as it's not too glossy or too thick. I see the best results from two quick coats on top and a touch on the edges of the bottom lashes (though I could easily use the dark brown for that, as my lashes are almost-but-not-quite-black). The pretty look stays in place for 8-10 hours with no smearing. I do a touch up before leaving the house again at night, but it's not a must. The mascara is easy to remove with standard wipes or Bi-Facil.

Bottom Line: excellent.

Edward Bess Bess-Lash Mascara ($30) is already available at the Bergdorf Goodman counter. It's not online yet but you can give Jennifer or Susan a call  (212-872-8826) and place an order.

All photos are mine.


  1. How does it compare with Armani's Eye to Kill?

  2. The Armani is better at adding some length, so I can never use it on my bottom lashes. Bess has a slightly more subtle effect and its biggest strength is in volumizing and defining.

  3. Thanks...I love the Armani. I don't necessarily have short lashes, but they are so straight they don't hold a curl well. I never put mascara on my lower lashes as I am terrified of raccon eyes. Maybe should try Bess on my lower lashes.

  4. I love the new mascara. It 's what I think of as daytime make-up. It gives a beautifully defined, full fringe of lashes that looks lovely with a more natural day look. It works very well for me because I have long black lashes to begin with and don't need any of the products that claim to give you the look of a zillion lashes. When I want all out evening glamour, though, I reach for Eyes to Kill. That one is in a league of it's own.


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