Friday, March 25, 2011

Hakuhodo G527M Powder Brush Maple

The G527M Powder Brush with a maple handle was my very first Hakuhodo brush. I love dense flat-top brushes and have a thing for heavy power tool, so G527M was a relatively easy choice, considering the huge selection of gorgeous and impeccably made makeup brushes offered by Hakuhodo, the top Japanese brush crafter. This brush style also comes with a regular black handle (G527), but since they were the same price and I adore maple wood (yes, too much Antique Roadshow and the Keno Twins) I picked the prettier one.

Using finishing/setting/illuminating face powders with this brush is done by gently buffing it onto the skin. The Hakuhodo G527M creates a perfect airbrushed look and prevent the powder from ever looking cakey. The result is an even and polished appearance- no matter how little makeup one uses, the finish you get with this brush elevates the look. The powders I've been using are my usual favorites from Le Metier de Beaute, Guerlain, Becca and Lancome. All of them work perfectly with this brush.

The Hakuhodo G527M is as soft on the skin as it is sturdy in my hand. The hair is goat (all Hakuhodo brushes are supposed to use cruelty-free hair. I certainly hope that's the case) and the head measurements are just over 1" in length and thickness. The overall length of the brush is a little under 6".

Bottom Line: a favorite.

Hakuhodo G527M Powder Brush Maple ($54) is available online from (international buyers should check

All photos are mine.


  1. Beautiful brush! I have been wanting to make the Hakuhodo plunge.

  2. looking forward to scoring a few of these brushes at the IMATS show. hope they sell to the general public!

  3. This is so helpful!! Thank you. :) "Using finishing/setting/illuminating face powders" Great to know that it's such a versatile brush. :)

  4. When i'm searching info about brushes you're my guide! I wanted to ask you about this brush: Can be used for powder/mineral foundation? Or even whit liquid foundation too?


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