Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Giorgio Armani Onde Mystere

What's the point of hiring Maurice Roucel, one of the biggest talents in perfumery, and either giving him nothing with which he could work or taking his composition and diluting it to the point of a cheap body spray (most likely both)? I doubt anyone at Giorgio Armani Perfumes is going to answer, but seriously, I would really like to know.

Mystere was part part of the Armani Onde trilogy (together with Onde Extase and Onde Vertige) released for fall 2008. It seems that a significant amount of money went into the pretty and original bottle design, to the top notes that last for about a minute,  to paying the genius Roucel (or at least I hope so) and probably for marketing, though the leading ad for the campaign  looks as cheap as this thing smells.

Obviously, not much was left for the perfume itself. Armani Onde Mystere was supposed to be an incense rose perfume, which sounds great. The first thing I smell upon spraying is a vibrant and peppery rose and what I could swear was a sheer vetiver note (no mention of that anywhere official). It's fun and colorful. I would have loved a perfume that takes this opening and runs with it. However, things disintegrate within minutes. The rose turns chemical, sour and cheap, the peppery attitude disappears, leaving behind a vague spiciness. If there is any incense or oriental elements they're hiding their faces in shame. Twenty minutes into Mystere, all that's left is a sweet hint of rosewater and even that fades soon. Maybe the lack of longevity is not that a bad idea, because spending the entire day smelling boring and cheap is not my idea of fun.

Giorgio Armani Onde Mystere ($85, 1.7 oz EDP) seems to be out of stock at all the official distributing channels (department stores and Armani website), but readily available from online retailers, though sometimes at inflated prices.

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  1. I have been looking for this fragrance for awhile and now it is available on Fragrancenet. But after reading your review, I believe I will pass. Can you recommend a perfume that does a better job of what Onde Mystere is supposed to be?

  2. In my opinion Armani Onde Mystere is a very nice parfume, a very special one. maybe it doesn't fit with your skin, but I know people who love this parfume.

  3. i LOVE THIS SCENT!!! I have no issues with it turning sour. In fact, I get more compliments on this hours after I have it on, than many of the other scents I have. Just this past Tuesday, I applied it in the morning before work. I did not touch it up at all (I never do with any of my scents)and when I went to vote the polling tenders both asked What are you wearing? It smell wonderful. That was a full 10 hours after application. They had write down the name so they could go look for it. What was stunning other than their comment was that I could not smell it myself and thought they could not be speaking to me, but I was the only one there and I had just walked in.
    This is a beautiful scent and as the previous comment says "perhaps this one just doesn't work with your personal chemistry. I too have difficulty with some scents and how they work with my chemistry. But to diss something so completly based on one personal experience is certainly a dis-service to all.

  4. This parfum Mistere Armani seemed to be made for me. I feld so comfortable with it. It was "ME". And now i spend 100 of Euros to find something like it. Waste of money. Nothing is better then that. By now I don`t Use none at all. Just want this parfum . Right now not availably in Germany


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