Friday, November 04, 2011

I Read It On The Internet

The week's focus was mostly about recovering from the freak snow storm that hit us last Saturday. I can't begin to tell you how thankful I was when our power came back on Sunday night. The cats shared the sentiment. They like their heating to function at a nice and toasty level. I like my roof without huge fallen tree limbs decorating it; I also like to be able to read on the Kindle, but most of all I like to not have a foot of snow covering the ground on Halloween.

In beauty news, it's all about the new palettes. I still owe you swatches of that stunning NARS Hanamichi one, and there are more coming (check out the previews I posted on Facebook if you haven't yet: the re-release of Dior Cannage and Hourglass Volume 6). Also, there's the Edward Bess I reviewed earlier today. It earned Sophie's approval:

This some of what's been going in other parts of the internet:

Have a brilliant and sunshiny weekend and stay safe!



  1. I don't usually do matte lipsticks either, but there is something (at least in the photographs) of that finish on the Rouge Allure Velvets that makes me want to try one.

  2. Love the photo. Suzy Parker?

  3. I feel like I shouldn't start reading beauty blogs! It's hard enough with perfumes :)

    I want that Chanel lipstick. Maybe even two of them.

  4. Hopflower, I know what you mean. They look incredibly smooth.

  5. Liz, as far as I know the model is Lucinda Hollingsworth.

  6. Undina, I highly recommend reading beauty blogs :) After all, mine technically is one...

  7. I love the photo of the palette with your cat's reflection in the mirror! So cute :0) Thanks for the mention :)

  8. Your swatches of the palette are gorgeous! I so wish we have Edward Bess at my local counters. I think I'd end up hauling everything from him. Thank you so much for the link Gaia.


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