Thursday, November 10, 2011


The Seduction Of Water by Carol Goodman. It's slower paced and less dramatic than her Lake Of Dead Languages.

Mercedes Sosa- La Maza

Vintage Bal a Versailles by Jean Desprez. The queen of skank.

Everything eyebrows- powders, pencils... I'm a little obsessed.

Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
Fitted black velvet blazer in almost-black.

Pasta in a buttery lemon sauce. The husband should give you the recipe.

Bane Of My Existence
Early mornings. Thank you, kittens.

The feeling that maybe I'm doing something right, after all.

Dinner at my favorite restaurant.

Wish List

This Anna Sui Georgette dress has my name on it all over.

And in a more casual mood, this Comptor des Cotonnier Laurella dress. I already have it in their sesame color (bought in Paris) and love it. I need it in China Blue.

Random Thought
I will not waste another brain cell on the Kardashians. I will not waste another brain cell on the Kardashians. I will not waste another brain cell on the Kardashians. I will not waste another brain cell on the Kardashians. I will not waste another brain cell on the Kardashians.

How about you? Please share loves, thoughts and recommendations!

Art: Autumn Tree by Marcia Baldwin.
Anna Sui dress from Net-a-Porter, Laurella dress from  Comptor des Cotonnier website.


  1. I'm reading "Man, his nature and place in the world" by Arnold Gehlen, not the best book on the earth but is interesting in his own way (but i'll never recomend this to anybody anyway).
    A song called "Sea Swells" by The Slowest runner in all the World, drives me into a world of sweet instruments (cello, violin, mellodica...) and astoundingly beautiful melodies, something that certainly I recommend to you, Gaia, and to everybody!
    The Perfumed Court send me some samples, I'm in love with Borneo 1834 and De Profundis, but I really really really LOVE Boxeuses, Uncle Serge must send me 500 litres, more or less.

    Thank you Gaia for this awesome space on the internet.

  2. I've been looking for a place to say thank you for the small but important ways you've helped me. Learning about buffing foundation, wow, nice change! Got a brush as a gift and was glad to see it made your list. Decided I needed one for the nooks and crannies...bought the Cover FX you rec'd. Love it! Bought the Hourglass Script liner you rec'd awhile ago...first liquid liner I've ever been able to use. So thank you for your blog.

    And also, how in the world do you do it? I've been on a foundation quest and it's taken me 2 months. I'd go bonkers trying to do what you do!

    Thank you!

  3. I love your polls, they make me happy.

    I'm waiting on two books right now from Amazon: Ellena's "Perfume: The Alchemy of Scent" and Celia Lyttelton's "The Scent Trail: How One Woman's Quest for the Perfect Perfume Took Her Around the World". I'm excited. I just got a new book light yesterday, and am looking forward to reading in bed before sleeping.

    ASAP Rocky's mixtape. Oh, me and rap.

    The new Aroma M flanker to Geisha Rouge, Geisha Amber Rouge. Goodness, this is downright edible.

    Highlighters and wide eyes. I need that Laura Mercier one badly.

    Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
    My work uniform for L'Occitane - yes, I have a part-time job there now! Let me know if you need anything.

    I'm craving a good omelet right now.

    Bane Of My Existence
    My full-time job STILL isn't reopen yet. I'm so horribly broke and in bad spirits, but my new part-time job is boosting my self-esteem and confidence.

    You, and all of my other dear blogger buddies. You have all kept my sanity afloat the past couple of months.

    November 20th - the yoga studio's reopening date!

    Wish List
    A large sample order from Luckyscent and the Sonoma Scent Studio Sampler. And the Laura Mercier highlighter. And a new pair of sneakers.

    Random Thought
    Should I eat the pint of ice cream my boyfriend left unfinished in my freezer?

  4. Ooh I love these things!
    A Very Easy Death by Simone de Beauvoir. I love her to bits, can't get enough of her stuff.

    Buy My Love by Wynter Gordon. I just can't help it, dancing all over the house to it!

    some avon vanilla a lady at work attacked me with ><

    champagne eyes, with a defined crease. I will perfect!

    Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
    A chiffon black sleeveless shirt with angular collar, it's the most flattering thing I own

    hommus and rice crackers, in abundance

    Bane Of My Existence
    I agree with you,early mornings. And tiredness in general, really.

    3 days off of work!

    A blogger meet up I'm going to tomorrow- spring themed dresses, yay

    Wish List
    The new Nars Danmari palette has my name all over it!

    Random Thought
    You made me think about the Kardashians with your response!

    Thanks for the post, love reading your thoughts! And please tell your husband to share that recipe, it sounds yum x

  5. I love the Cottonier dress (and I'm off to Paris soon). :)
    The thing is, I'm off in a serious dress hunt - can't seem to find anything here that I would like to wear and would fit the way it's supposed to.
    Any other ideas where to search in Paris? Please? :)

  6. Gaia,

    Your "Currently" posts are always a pleasure to read!

    That blazer sounds gorgeous.

    Recently read "The Daily Coyote," and vicariously enjoying another path through the author, Shreve. Highly recommend.

    Wearing Bottega Veneta, drinking more coffee and loving pumpkin soup and all the different takes on a theme with that as the base.

    Music is Grieves, 88 Keys, to run to. Wearing mostly running clothes (and scrubs).

    I am awaiting (both as a result of your thorough and honest reviews) the EB Back to Basics palette and Sisley's Kohl Star e/l in Black Diamond.

    No banes :) Life is quite a joy to be part of, even when it can be unnerving.

    Hope your fall continues to be so good :)

  7. Oh I Love your Currently's, Gaia, my guru! :) & Z is happnin' kinda like this:

    Book: Well, I'm actually scanning responses to this post and writing down promising new titles :) & finishing up my October graphic novel series "Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things"

    Music: Spinal Tap of course

    Perfume: Theorema for the morning, Boxeuses for the day, and Lonestar Memories w/a cup of Tazo's Sweet Cinnamon Spice tea to watch Dr. Who at night

    Makeup: All inspired by Gaia's reviews: Chanel Les 4 Ombres '33 Prelude', Edward Bess 'Midnight Bloom', & Hourglass 'Nocturnal'. And my older tube of Chanel's 'Vamp'. (p.s. a mate recently gave me a couple of current fashion mag issues and once in the pages, I realized that the romance is So Gone and has been for a while! Now I come here to learn about new products and get beauty tips. I can never go back to my old ways)

    Frequently Worn Item: my new Frye Logger boots - oh so gorgeous and rugged and the leather scent - help me!

    Food: Damn, I miss jambalaya!

    Bane: Slow mail system

    Joy: My family ~ loving and being loved

    Anticipation: My first Vintage Bandit draws near

    Wish List: Gorgeous skirts and dresses in the current edition of Garnet Hill

    Random Thought: I'm borrowing yours. That this fam is making a fortune off of a massive and devoted fan base makes me think society has gone mad. Truly mad.

    I restore my sanity at The Non-Blonde.

    Peace & Cheers mate! Here's to living life One Louder!

    Zanne :)

  8. Reading: Tom Robbins' 'Jitterbug Perfume'. Haven't read it until now. My bad. I know.

    Music: Something about dirge in November...Mozart's 'Don Giovanni'. And A Pale Horse Named Death.

    Perfume: These days, it's anything labeled Aroma M, Serge Lutens or Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. Can't get enough of any of them.

    Makeup: Some day, I have to shut up about Ellis Faas. Based on your recommendation, I bought her concealer. And a lip stain. I was so impressed, I was practically intaglio! Now, I want one of everything. Everything!

    I live in my black suede military jacket. Goes with everything from wrap dresses to jeans and everything in between,

    Can't get enough...pumpkin ginger soup. Chases all my blues away!

    My bane: My alarm clock. There should be laws. Really!

    Making me happy: All the people who care. There are more than I thought.

    Can't wait for...the bottle of Bandit I know I'm getting for Xmas.

    Wish I could get...a certain pair of Stuart Weitzman boots. They so have my name on them.

    So long as I make one person smile, I know I'm doing something right!

    I count my blessings...including the blogs I love to read. Which will always mean yours, too!

    :) Tarleisio

    Zanne :)

  9. Book-I have no time to read, I’m gearing up for my annual holiday baking.
    Music-Cocteau Twins, Sonic Youth, Sisters of Mercy
    Perfume-Sheherazade by Jean Desprez or Magie Noire vintage extrait
    Makeup-Anything Edward Bess, I can’t wait to receive his Back to Basics Palette.
    Frequently Worn Outfit/Item-My Fiorintini & Baker combat boots
    Food-Pasta in a buttery lemon sauce sounds fabulous-I would love to see the recipe!
    Bane Of My Existence-Health issues
    Joy-The upcoming holiday season, and my kitty cats
    Anticipation- I’m looking forward to trying Mandy Aftel’s new creations
    Wish List-To head home for the holidays
    Random Thought-Don’t waste time with work politics (or the Kardashians)


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