Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mirabella Vibrant and Pink Tangerine Lip Gloss (Colour Shine & Outshine)

Mirabella lip glosses in Vibrant (Colour Shine formula) and Pink Tangerine (Outshine formula) look a bit scary in the tube-- at least for someone like me who doesn't do orange and peach colors. But these are glosses, after all, and as a woman with dark and pigmented lips I actually like and appreciate glosses that give that lively punchy look. Sheer warm colors are good for balancing my natural color and give it extra vibrancy.

The glosses I was sent by Mirabella come from two ranges. The Colour Shine glosses are clear while the Outshine ones have delicate shimmer. You can see that Vibrant (Colour Shine) is an almost creamy peach when applied (nowhere as neon-like as the tube appears), while Pink Tangerine is a pretty and shimmery warm pink that's even easier to wear on most skin tones.

The formula of both Mirabella glosses is nice and smooth. They feel moisturizing and pampering, tackiness is as low as they come and the way they feel is very pleasant for gloss lovers. If you're anti-gloss, Mirabella will probably not change your mind, but since I like and wear glosses over lipsticks and often by themselves it's all good. I added an extra swatch of both glosses over a pink lipstick (Mirabella Daydream. I'll feature it next week) to show the effect. You can see there's a completeness of the color and nothing over the top or too bright.

Bottom Line: Happy to make this acquaintance.

Mirabella Vibrant ($20) and Pink Tangerine ($19) lip glosses are available from mirabellabeauty.com. They were sent to me free of charge for consideration and review.

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