Friday, November 18, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Fall/Winter 2011 Mini Nail Lacquer Collection

I know we're already all about the Holiday collections and Le Metier de Beaute has released a highly-coveted and gift -worthy nail polish sets (see them on the Beauty Look Book and Best Things In Beauty). But I'm a) in denial about the holidays, and b) have been completely enamored with Le Metier de Beaute Fall/Winter 2011 Mini Nail Lacquer Collection for a while now, so it's high time I post about it.

I already gave you a glimpse of Urban Dweller, the darkest color in the bunch, a shimmery rich brown. The other ones are Anatolia, a red-based shimmery plum, Dynasty, a holiday red with a metallic finish, and Silk Road, a similarly textured bronze.

These colors come in Le Metier's famous mini bottles, which I love (love love!). I know that those who wear the same color week after week prefer larger and more economical sizes, but if you change nail polish at least every week and keep a collection, the little bottles not only take up less space, but also allow you to actually use them up and move on.

I find Le Metier de Beaute's nail polish to be of excellent quality. Once you get the hang of the mini brush (not so easy for me with my big hands) you get a flawless application by the second coat. I'm known for cruelly abusing my nails but still only get minor tip-wear after three-four days.

Bottom Line: get them while you can.

Le Metier de Beaute Fall/Winter 2011 Mini Nail Lacquer Collection ($10 each bottle) is available from Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus, including online. The products for this review were sent to me free of charge by the company.


  1. I love ALL LMdB nail polishes. Gorgeous !!! Again.

  2. Gorgeous!! is the word that came to my mind, too.
    Amazingly beautiful...

  3. I've been pondering picking these up. I think I will now. The rust/orangish one looks very interesting.



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