Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mirabella Eye Definer Eyeliner Pencil- Twig And Foil

The more I get to play with Mirabella makeup products, the more I like them. even these two unassuming eyeliner pencils, Mirabella Eye Definer in Twig and Foil. It's no secret that I go through impressive amounts of eyeliners-- I can and will skip mascara, but having-deep set eyes I find that eyeliner makes the biggest difference for little work. While my favorites are cream and gel eyeliners, pencils are still an essential, especially when they come in interesting colors and finishes, such as these two.

Mirabella's Twig is a metallic dark brown with just a little warmth and shimmer. Foil is a gunmetal gray, somewhat less shimmery than Twig and perfect for a not-quite-black look. Both pencil have just enough give and slip to make them easy to use without smudging and melting. I've used the eye definers on my upper and lower lashlines, for tightlining and even tested on the lower inner waterline just to make sure the shimmer isn't irritating. All went well. The pencils are fine to use directly on skin and work just as well if you're picking the color with a brush for more control.

Bottom Line: pretty and reliable.

Mirabella Eye Definer Eyeliner Pencils ($18) each are available from mirabellabeauty.com. The items were sent for my consideration and review free of charge by the company's PR.

Model: Olivia.

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