Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Giorgio Armani Eye Brow Defining Pencil

As much as I prefer eyebrow powders (or eye shadows used with an eyebrow brush), using a pencil is quicker; it's also a better solution on the go and for travel in general. I've been a devoted user of DiorShow Brow Styler (the one that is not as universal as they claim but matches my coloring nicely), but after finishing my third one I decided to try something that doesn't get used up quite so quickly. Giorgio Armani Eye Brow Defining Pencil looked like a nice option.

The Armani is a full length pencil and holds quite a bit of product. It's harder and waxier than the Dior, making it less likely to give too sharp a look. The one I got is Giorgio Armani Eye Brow Defining Pencil in Brown No. 2 (the other option is Beige No. 3, much lighter). As you can see it's a true brown, warmer than Dior, which is  why I'm not 100% in love with it. Eyebrow pencils that lean more taupe look more natural on me, so if Armani offered one I'd buy it in a heartbeat. If Brown No. 2 is my only option, I'm going back to Dior.

Bottom Line: more color options, please.

Giorgio Armani Eye Brow Defining Pencil ($27) is available from Saks, Barneys and online at

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