Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New From Ellis Faas

The conceptual and carefully edited collection of Ellis Faas has been a favorite of mine since Ellis Faas made her US debut a couple of years ago. The items are now in much wider distribution (including Sephora online and in the new Meatpacking District store, as well as from Space NK). There are also a few new little surprises (and as I mentioned before, lots more to come):

First, since as much as I'm in denial about it, the holidays are, indeed, coming. What you see above is this year's gift set. It contains ELLIS RED Milky Lips L201 for gorgeously blood-red lips; black Creamy Eyes E103 for an easy smoky eye and/or to be used as a black liner; and the light Milky Eyes E209 for fresh accents. Priced at $85, this should thrill any true makeup lover who takes pleasure in playing with colors and textures. I plan to post an extensive how-to for Ellis Faas pens to help you get the most of this unique products. Notice that Ellis uses her fingers when she's doing her own makeup. Finger painting at its most luxurious.

Then we have these Ellis Clips. These organic shaped links hold one Ellis Faas pen each. You connect the clips to each other and slide in the pens. You can take out the pen you want to use without disconnecting the chain. And it's even possible to roll up the chain, which is exactly what I do: It saves lots of drawer space as I keep all my Ellis pens bundled together, then take it out and unfold on the dresser. If I didn't have all these cats running around I might have tried to hang it on the wall for super easy access. The clips are $2 each and you can buy as many as you need. Mine were provided free of charge.


  1. That photo of the clips is initially a little grotesque but SO INNOVATIVE! I love it. I still haven't taken the plunge yet but maybe gift myself one of his lipsticks this Christmas ;)

  2. The clip idea is so cool. Do you own any? I was tempted to buy some, but I already have the canister, so I wouldn't use the clips at home. (LOVE their artistic vision and they way they display new products, though, don't you?) The clips would be great for carrying around the pens in my bag, but unfortunately, I found that if the pens aren't secured within another bag, the bottom clicky thing that covers the color's number falls off and gets lost.

  3. I really like the clip image. I didn't realize that's what those actually were for. Please, post the how-to on using her products. I have some Milky Eyes I've been looking to get more comfortable with but am afraid of wasting product.


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