Tuesday, November 29, 2011

L'Occitane Délice des Fleurs Shower Jelly

The surprising thing about L'Occitane Délice des Fleurs shower gel (and the rest of the range, actually) was not the (great) texture and (comfortable) feel on the skin. It was the scent. A full-bodied, nostalgic rose and violet fragrance that smells very perfumy and ultra-feminine.  L'Occitane Délice des Fleurs smells indulgent and fun in a pink powder puff way.

The gel is gentle and easy on my dry skin. One of the reasons I love L'Occitane products is that in all the years I've been using them I never had an allergy reaction or even the mildest itch-- and I'm prone to get them from bath and body products and various soaps.  Délice des Fleurs Shower Jelly is non-soapy, barely foaming and very mild. The scent, while strong, doesn't cling and actually fades from the shower before I'm even done toweling off my hair. So unless one layers the entire range there's no need to finish it off with a spritz of Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose or YSL Paris. I simply enjoy it for what it is, and would have been even more thrilled if the bottle was prettier (or at least didn't look so cheap).

L'Occitane Délice des Fleurs Shower Jelly ($20, 8.4oz) is available from in store and online. It was sent to me free of charge for consideration and review.

Photo of Jane Russel taking a bath from stirredstraightup.blogspot.com

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