Monday, November 14, 2011

Dancing Leaf Design Flower Bouquet Ring

Last time I featured a little purchase from Dancing Leaf Design it was a gorgeous lace necklace. This  Flower Bouquet Ring, one of the signature items in the designer's collection, was my next one. You can see that the ring is quite impressive. It's also beautifully made, as the bouquet is built and glued on a round leather circle. The ring itself is elastic and also made of tiny threaded beads. I was worried before I received the ring that it might not be very comfortable to wear. I discovered quickly that there are no issues with this structure and I absolutely love the ease of putting the ring on and taking it off.

Like all Dancing Leaf Designs,  Flower Bouquet rings  are one of a kind. Each one has a different color scheme and combination of beads and other tiny pretties. Everything is handmade by Noriko, the designer behind Dancing Leaf, making it extra special.

My nail color, by the way, is only one coat of hastily-applied Le Metier de Beaute polish in Urban Dweller, one of four shades released for fall 2011. Yes, I do need to write a review and post all the photos while the set is still in stock.

Dancing Leaf Design Bouquet rings (starting at $69) are available on Etsy. I'm not affiliated with the store or the designer in any way other than as a very happy customer.

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  1. Dancing Leaf is gorgeous and I had to buy a ring after you first blogged about it.


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