Thursday, November 17, 2011

Evening Clutches By Oovoo Design

I was pursuing the Oovoo Design website for something else when I came upon these little evening clutches. Oovoo patterns can be a little over-the-top, but these ones will enliven even the most Anistonian little black dress. There's something opulent and very festive about these clutches, making them perfect for a holiday party. The Baroque and Divine clutches also come in other colors, if one wishes to coordinate with some vintage jewelry.

Oovoo Design clutches ($65-99) are available from


  1. LOL at "Anistonian"! Do you ever read Go Fug Yourself? The Fug girls have agonized endlessly at her inability to wear color.

  2. The Baroque clutch is gorgeous! But I have always wondered about clutches - it made NO sense back in my clubbin' days (80s) when you spent all night on the dance floor - and I suspect I still view them in that light (though I would be hard-pressed to be on the dance floor all night. Or even half the night...or even..oh, you get the drift :-)


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