Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sonoma Scent Studio- Fig Tree Perfume And Body Cream

Fig perfumes take us on all kinds of journeys to various locations. There are orchards and gardens, shaded groves planted on water, a single tree in an open field, the views of the Mediterranean and even hotter, almost tropical countries. Sometimes you hear the sound of cool water against ancient stones, other times it's the wind in the grass.

Where does Fig Tree by perfumer Laurie Erickson of Sonoma Scent Studio take us? In her own words (from Sonoma Scent Studio website):
 Many fig scents have strong coconut notes from the creamy lactones that are often used in fig accords. In Fig Tree, I chose to minimize the coconut rather than to accentuate it. I envisioned a perfume that would evoke the various aspects of a fig tree in summer, with green, fruity, creamy, and woodsy notes.
To me, Fig Tree is about peace: inner as well as a way of life. The prominent wood and green notes are outdoorsy but also meditative. Since there's none of the exuberant sweet coconut cream and minimal fruitiness, Sonoma Scent Studio's interpretation of the tree is almost introverted. It projects just fine, but the overall impression is personal and quiet. Fig Tree is musky and warm. It's bordering on being a skin scent but not quite, as I feel like I'm walking in a little personal fig leaf aura.

Fig perfume lovers should, of course, try this one. Even if you didn't like the most iconic ones such as Philosykos or Premier Figuier Extreme, this could be the one because it's more dimensional than the Olivia Giacobetti version for Diptyque or the sweet nectar of L'Artisan. Laurie Erickson offers a velvety and dry option that has more than a little magic.

Just as delightful is Sonoma Scent Studio's Fig Tree Shea body cream. This is the time of the year when I switch to heavier body moisturizers. Shea butter products are my favorite and being able to get one in such an enchanting scent (not to mention layering with the perfume) is a great treat. The cream is thick, satisfying and very nourishing. It takes a few second to absorb and keeps my skin supple and human for long hours (as opposed to alligator-like). The fragrance of the body cream seems muskier and a little less green, with that nutty aspect of shea butter products.

Notes: green fig, vanilla, cedar, patchouli, tonka, musk

 Fig Tree Perfume ($34, 17ml EDP) And Body Cream ($18, 4oz) by Sonoma Scent Studio can be found on sonomascentstudio.com. Samples are also available.

Art: Fig Tree by Dee Schenck Rhodes


  1. This sounds lovely.
    I do love the scent/sensation that I get when I stand under a fig tree.
    It brings back wonderful childhood memories.
    This fragrance sounds like it might be more tree than fig.
    Thanks for the review.

  2. I like Fig Tree perfume so I should probably try the lotion/cream as well. Though for me fig is more summer-appropriate scent.


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