Monday, January 21, 2013

10 Ways To Survive January

You don't need me to tell you that January is most definitely not the most wonderful time of the year. Holiday fatigue, winter skin, general malaise, flu season... you get the picture. Here are ten quick tips to help banish the blahs and survive January with a little more glam.

1. Wear something pink. There's something about this color especially during the winter that cheers and brightens up even on the dreariest day. It works on your inner 5 year old princess but it's also true for guys. I'm not talking about a shocking pink velvet blazer (not a bad idea, though), but something as simple as rose colored collar picking under a gray sweater or a scarf with a splash of pink.

2. Add pure hyaluronic acid to your skincare. Just as budget gets tight after the holidays you're often feeling the urge to splurge on skincare.  There's a better way: pure hyaluronic acid is the most effective way to boost skin moisture level. It's the same ingredient you can find in big name cosmetics, but you can buy it from many   sources at around $20/oz. It truly works.

3. Don't buy a new foundation. Your winter skin is not the best canvas for experimentation, so don't switch to a new foundation just because you're feeling sallow. Use what's been working so far, maybe mix a good serum into your existing foundation, use samples you've had lying around for a while and concentrate on skin care. It'll make your current foundation look better.

4. Use face products on your body. Speaking of all those samples and GWP items that languish in your drawers-- this is the time to use them up, but not necessarily on your face. Your hands and body could use some extra pampering, and this is a great way to utilize rich creams you're a bit wary of slathering on your face.

5. Don't forget your sunscreen. It's always true, but worth repeating especially if you've been using active skincare such as retinol or various acids. You know they make you extra photosensitive, but sometimes it's tempting to skip sunblock on a dark and gray morning. Don't make this mistake. The sun may come out at any point and even 20 minutes of unprepared exposure can cause damage. I suggest you keep in your purse an emergency mineral powder with a high SPF that you can quickly apply over your makeup  just in case.

6. Protect your nose. Between the cold wind and the latest cold virus, your nose becomes a victim of the flakies. To add insult to injury, the pores around it often get clogged and sprout unsightly blemishes and whiteheads. I suggest regular use of BHA products (my favorite is Paula's Choice) to combat the latter, and something like Boroleum ointment or even Vicks VapoRub  to help chaffed and raw skin around your nostrils. It's been my secret weapon for years.

7. Treat your feet. It's easy to forget all about the socked part of your body (and add another pair of socks if it's really cold), but don't neglect your heels and toes or you're going to be horrified when you remove those socks and get a good look at your feet. Peels (such as Japanese Baby Foot, available on Amazon), creams (Alpha Hydrox, $8.99 at, deep moisture treatments and a home pedicure are an easy way to feel better.

8. Drink water. Seriously. It's tempting to live on hot tea, but you need just as much water as you do in August, and maybe more if you're getting dehydrated by ridiculous heating. Keep a couple of bottles everywhere you sit and reach for them between those cups of Earl Grey.

9. Do something new. A new perfume? Navy eyeliner instead of black? Maybe replace your eyelash curler with a new one. Anything that will make you feel excited and restored.

10. Hibernate. Sometimes going with the winterness of it all is just the right thing. Have a look at this video by Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends:

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  1. Do you have a particular brand you like for the hyaluronic acid? I wasn't sure if all hyaluronic acids are created equal even though they may be pure. I just got the hydraluron through eBay based in all the hype but I'm looking for a more local (US) source. I don't particularly like to purchase skincare from eBay.

    1. I also have Hydraluron (from Canada, if I remember correctly), but next time I'm getting some HA from Etsy. There are several good skincare sources over there. Also check Amazon and pay close attention to reviews.

  2. We've had a very dry stretch in Northern California this month, my skin and hair are parched. One thing I make sure to do is drink a ton of water, but also eat an avocado every day. Great-tasting and full of healthy fats.
    For humectants, my latest favorite has been the Dewey Skin Mist from Tatcha skincare, I apply this over my serum or moisturizer at bedtime and my face is much happier in the morning.
    Instead of pink, I love coral reds, my latest love is Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss in Coral Confection from Le Metier de Beaute'. Instantly brightens my face and illuminates my features. All I need is a light touch of Tuscan Sunset for blush and a hint of bronzer and I look nearly human.
    I made the mistake of purchasing a foundation recently and I immediately regretted it. I think if I mix it with my Peau Vierge or Laura Mercier Illuminating tinted moisturizer, I can get some wear out of it.


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