Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Paul & Joe Spring 2013 Limited Edition Lipstick Case (006) & Lipstick Refill Joie De Vivre (206)

Ok, I'm cheating a little: Paul & Joe  Carousel Spring 2013 limited edition is as cute as it comes and  I had to have the elephant lipstick case (006), but I didn't like the three lipstick refills that come with this collection, so  instead I got the sheer pink cherry Joie De Vivre (206) which I think is permanent. Paul & Joe's Carousel is gorgeous and girly, and there are several items in cat packaging, but it was just too precious. Not that the elephants are very grownup,  but ELEPHANTS!

Like all Paul & Joe lipstick cases, this one is also made of cardboard and makes me wish it was fabric. I'm hesitant to put this cutie in my purse or makeup bag because it looks too delicate for that: the structure is sturdy, but I'm worried about stains and scratches to the elephants.

As for the Lipstick refill Joie De Vivre (206), this is a lovely everyday color for me. It's sheer, lively, and goes with everything. The texture is comfortable to wear, has a good slip but holds to the lips nicely. Longevity is slightly below average, but I suspect that those with less pigmented lips will find some stain left behind (I get it with darker Paul & Joe shades).

Bottom Line: fun.

Paul & Joe Spring 2013 Limited Edition Lipstick Case ($5) and Lipstick Refill Joie De Vivre ($17) are available from The latter can also be purchased from


  1. How sweet! Would love a canine line.

  2. I love the Paul and Joe lipstick holders so what I do is put them in a lipstick case before placing in my purse or makeup bag.


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