Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Olfactive Studio- Autoportrait

"Gaze into your image to have a clear mind and heart. Like an intimate and visual diary, the self-portrait reveals the truth or fiction of your own face at any given time. Repeat the process as many rimes as necessary. The self portrait is, beyond all doubt, conductive to contemplation"   --Luc Lapôtre
The concept of perfume and visual art as captured by Olfactive Studio takes on an interesting twist in Autoportrait, perfumer Nathalie Larson's creation that goes with the photograph by Luc Lapôtre. One of the ways perfume lovers look at their scent of the day is as a self-portrait that depicts who they are and how they feel that day. Preferring a signature scent is also a statement about who you are, a way to represent yourself olfactively (that's not a real word, I know).

What does it mean when your fragrant self-portrait is a perfume called Autoportrait? In the case of this Olfactive Studio creation we're talking about a  mellow and low-key wood-incense fragrance. In fact, if there's any fault in Olfactive Studio perfume is that they're a bit too minimalistic and ultra modern; it's a matter of personal taste, though. I tend to prefer more robust and thick compositions as my auto-portraits (just as I prefer the Frick to the MoMA, if you will). But I do like it. A lot. After all, sometimes I want my self portrait to reflect this type of urban sophistication, even only for a day.

The light colored wood and clean sheer incense of Autoportrait also correspond with sleek jazz in my mind. It's very... chill, I guess, definitely a fragrance that's great for a solitary and contemplative walk, just as its mellowness should make it perfect for work or big crowds. It's beautiful or maybe handsome, as this fragrance is perfectly balanced when it comes to gender. Longevity is excellent and the sillage is polite but noticeable.

Notes: Bergamot, Elemi, Benzoin, Incense, Musk, Oakmoss, Cedarwood, Vetiver.

You can read more about Olfactive Studio in this excellent overview by Denyse on Grain de Musc.

Olfactive Studio Autoportrait ($145, 1.7oz EDP) is available from olfactivestudio.com. There's an $8 sample set of all four fragrances.

Photo by Luc Lapôtre for Olfactive Studio.

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