Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christina Ricci's Make Up For Ever Bag And Other Options

What you see above is the limited edition makeup bag Christina Ricci designed for Make Up For Ever. It's made of black faux leather and decorated with metal studs and a metallic silkscreen print. It's nice, for sure, and will be available starting February 1st ($30 at Sephora). Since I'm still in the market for a grownup makeup bag that didn't come as a GWP from a beauty event I've been browsing Etsy and found some truly gorgeous items:

This retro looking bag is 5"x6.1"x4", so it can fit quite a bit inside. Made by Jurga Peterson of Jurga Bespoke from the UK it comes in several other colors. There are more beautiful items in the store (I'm seriously tempted by her clutches). $35.

Then there's this KrankLondon one (yes, also from the UK), by Eira Morris. Also available in black or brown. Size: 3"x4.5"x2.5".   £20.00 GBP.

Then there are the brush rolls...

Copper Charm Makeup Brush Roll by Tabitha of OnAnotherLevel, Williamsburg VA ($27.99).

This very unique leather one from Jemariku, Amsterdam ($26).

And last--from OrigamiLeather in Hong Kong comes this handstitched leather brush roll and makeup case ($129).

Honestly? I want all of them. How about you?

As always, I'm not affiliated with any of these stores. Links provided for your convenience.


  1. I have (and love) a brush roll from Etsy seller Effie Handmade. They're bright and cheerful, and she's super nice.

  2. I have the big leather hakuhodo brush roll, it's perfect and cares a lot of brushes, but for travel I usually take the screen face leather brush roll ( perfect size, very soft material and enough space for small and large handled brushes.

  3. Very cute bag from Jamariku, love the orange color!
    ps-Etsy is a dangerous place to shop, so many cute items :)

  4. Oh I love the Christina Ricci bag! My recent favourites are the leather pouches from American Apparel. They come in a rainbow of colours, several sizes and are reasonably priced.


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