Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golden Globes 2013- Blogging The Red Carpet

Golden Globes 2013: Red Carpet Arrivals

Some of my biggest favorites are giving me a hard time tonight. The usually impeccable Jessica Chastain in a droopy and sad Calvin Klein dress. At least her makeup is perfection, which I can't say about Nicole Richie-- and I'm a great lover of blue eye shadow.

Both Amy Poehler and Tina Fey chose non-red carpety lengths. I'm feeling "meh" about it, especially Amy's pantsuit, but perhaps they'll change outfits during the evening.

I love red dresses. Zooey Deschanel in Valentino is less exciting than Jennifer Laurence in Dior Couture, though. Another pretty in red are Claire Danes and Carey Lowell, Richard Gere's wife. She could use more makeup.

When I grow up and am also a tall redhead, I want to be Julianne Moore. No one wears Tom Ford as well as she does.

Do we care about Megan Fox? She's perfect. As long as she keeps her mouth shut.

Emily Blunt can't do wrong, can she?

On the other hand, Halle Berry has become a parody of herself. I don't even like the nude makeup.

Taylor Swift is a) not in a sweet little white dress, and, b) not wearing a red lipstick. She looks stunning, despite the unfortunate creases in her Donna Karan gown. Maybe now her PR people can get her better fake boyfriends.

Looking eternally like themselves in gowns that could have come from any point in their careers are Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman. I was about to say the same regarding Debra Messing, then the camera actually showed her mess of a Donna Karan dress. It was a sad moment.

Looking every bit the movie star that she is was Anne Hathaway, and he movie star that she isn't was Kate Hudson.

Risk taker of the night was Lucy Liu. I actually love this Carolina Herrera dress. I also love Lucy, probably for the first time ever. Her character in Elementary is excellent.

I'll end this on my favorite note. You're welcome.

Photos via Faded Youth Blog, Socialite Life, and Just Jared.


  1. Well at least Jessica Chastain has a beautiful lip color on and Amy Poehler is wearing a gorgeous necklace. Some redeeming qualities at least. :) I wish they'd look in the mirror and check to see if their dresses aren't making their bodies look saggy or lumpy. Some of the mermaid styles, if you don't have very smooth waist to hip & thigh area, it just does not look good no matter what the stylist says.

  2. Memo to Halle Berry: You are not Beyonce ...

    And, I'm sorry but whenever I look at Lucy Liu in this outfit, I get this sudden urge to sing "I'm a little teapot ..."

  3. You convinced me about beige lipsticks. Halle's makeup looks atrocious (and so 1997!), Taylor Swift's light rose is a much better choice! And thank's for the Clooney!

  4. Agree - the last picture will make anything better. Can it get any better than George? I think not!

  5. I laughed out hard reading your comments. As usual. I look forward to these events just for the fun of reading you the morning after. All my gratitude from Spain

  6. If I didn't know her real age, I'd think Nicole Richie looks great for a 60-year-old. Yeesh.

  7. Oh, I loved all the "mermaid" silhouettes, but I'm partial. My wedding gown was that style. I thought for the most part, the women wearing that style rocked it. And what's with Halle Berry's leg pose? Did she learn nothing from Angelina Jolie? Perhaps she wants to end up as an internet meme? hehe

  8. Oh, Jessica Chastain's dress and hair were just awful. She is so beautiful and a talented actress - she deserves better! And Halle's dress made one boob look bigger than the other, among its other sins. Jessica Lawrence, Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman were my favorites of the night.

  9. Gaia, I think we are the only ones who liked Lucy Liu's dress. I thought it was charming, a little old fashioned, and nice break from women with no sex appeal trying too hard to be sexy. Halle's been so beautiful in the past - I think she's allowed at least one bad night. Anne Hathaway looked wonderful too. I'm so glad she's taking a break from red lipstick; the toned down colors give her other features a chance to stand out.

  10. Yes, and thanks for George!


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