Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Currently- January 2013

Bertie: A Life of Edward VII by Jane Ridley. I had to order the hardcover from Amazon UK because there's no Kindle version or an American edition. I don't know what makes me feel guiltier: buying "real" books that seem so wasteful now because of resources and shipping (not even talking of space issues in a house that's covered  in overflowing bookcases), or buying Kindle books that make me somewhat of a traitor.

Sea Wolf- I Made A Resolution

Vintage Jicky (parfum de toilette).

Anything in cream texture: eye shadows, blush, liquid lipsticks.

Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
A faux-wrap cashmere dress. I have it in black, burgundy, and teal.

Fondue. Despite the husband's best efforts to convince me otherwise, I still think that melted cheese the most important food group.

Guilty Pleasure
Sisley masks. I wish I could afford to slather that Rose Noire one from head to toe on a daily basis.

Dry eyes, dry throat, dry skin. It's winter, alright.

The first cup of tea every morning.

The Elements showcase.

Nicholas Kirkwood elaphe and patent-leather sandals. Kirkwood makes the happiest shoes on earth.

Random Thought
I'll be perfectly happy never hearing about Lance Armstrong ever again.

Now it's your turn.

Art: Central Park by Alexei Butirskiy.


  1. Book: Hidden gardens of Paris-Susan Kahil and The magic of everyday living by Maria Szepes

    Sea Wolf I love love love.

    Perfume So Oud- Al Jana hubby bought it on a whim for Christmas and I really like it.

    Guilty Pleasure/Outfit: Flannel PJs

    Wishlist/anticipation: An obelisk I saw on Horchow, or a view of one in NY or Paris soon.

    Bane its bloody freezing here, way below zero

    Joy/random thought: odd little thing of late I am filled with gratitude for so much that it overflows to joy to be alive and also specific like having a safe place to sleep, which so many lack.

    Makeup: I am playing with many new Hokuhodo brushes and Notorius, Kevyn Aucoin and Mac sculpting powders.

    Take Good Care, Love your blog very much. Elle

  2. It took me a long time to finally cave in a get a Nook. But you know, I don't feel guilty about it anymore. I actually still read more 'real' books (and buy them too - I'm fortunate that our town has a small bookstore that I can sell my books there for a small credit). The two best things about e-readers 1) you can quickly download a book at midnight and 2) the look-up feature. You know when you're reading, and a place or a person is mentioned and you're thinking "okay I know the author mentioned this earlier in the book?" and instead of paging physically through a book for hours, you can highlight that word and the e-book will find it for you quickly. I guess 3) would be you can get e-books from libraries now but I haven't even needed to do that yet.

  3. Make-up: lip pencil wonders. I now own my first two! 1 from Chanel the other from L'oreal.

    Book: Helene Cixous - Manhattan. Letters from Prehistory.


  4. Book: The Doom Pussy by Elaine Shepard - combat reportage from Vietnam circa 1967 by a fearless woman

    Music: Nefertiti - Miles Davis (I've been advised it's really a drum solo by someone who KNOWS)

    Bane: Herding my cats in for the night when it's really cold and they're in the mood to punk me

    Perfume: Like This - Etat Libre D'Orange

    Makeup: None. Not really. Almost none. (Palmer's cocoa butter lip balm)

    Frequently Worn Outfit/Item: Gerard Darel cable knit cashmere hat

    Food: grilled salmon, tagliatelle w/ chive oil and cremini mushrooms

    Guilty Pleasure: Klondike bars

    Joy: Silver Linings Playbook! Zero Dark Thirty! Argo! Searching for Sugarman! The Master! Amour! The Impossible! Flight! Great movies this year!

    Anticipation: The Masters at the ravishing Augusta National Golf Club in April or, scratch that, the next Fashion Police on E w/ Joan Rivers!

  5. Book: Murder on Lexington Avenue (Victoria Thompson). It's been tea and cozy mystery weather just lately.

    Music: Nothing in particular this week---whatever has been streaming on KUSC.

    Perfume: Tom Ford Lys Fumé

    Makeup: After all the holiday sparkle and sheen, I'm appreciating satin/matte textures and finishes. This week I've been enjoying shell pinks and soft taupes.

    Frequently Worn Outfit: Cashmere sweater, wool slacks, boots--the usual winter stuff.

    Food: Pot roast (for my husband) with lots of veggies (for me) and Trader Joe's whole grain croissants (frozen) hot out of the oven.

    Guilty Pleasure: Finishing the last of the holiday treats :-)

    Joy: Watching my dogs racing around the backyard chasing each other and the wind blown leaves.

    Anticipation: Waiting for the chocolate chip cookies to come out of the oven!

    Wishlist: This is the year I really need to clean out my wardrobe and get rid of things that have seen better days. I'll put together a wishlist after I've done that. This is a good time; before the stores are full of spring and summer things.

    Random Thought: What is lacking in our character that as a culture we love to build people up only to delight in tearing them down.

  6. I wouldn't feel guilty about books. Make the most of them before they disappear forever, like all our libraries are doing as well!

  7. Book: Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain.

    Music: Modern Mandolin Quartet, Philip Glass.

    Perfume: FM Noir Epices.

    Makeup. Oh, God. I'm aging, and frankly, not sure what to do. Very little.

    Food: Root vegetable stew.

    Guilty pleasure: Alter Ego Dark Quinoa bar.

    Bane: I have to pick just one? The overcast skies.

    Joy: My beloved horse.

    Anticipation: Going for a ride tomorrow.

    P.S. I love your blog, it's always a delight! -- Annunziata

  8. Book: Rereading Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle In Time for about the 9000th time. It holds up! I'm leading the discussion on it at this coming Saturday's Book Group.

    Music: Josh Ritter's CD.....So Runs The World Away. Peter Gabriel's So.

    Wearing: A heavy cotton argyle sweater/jumper.

    Eating: too much restaurant (table service, not fast food) food. I need to get back into the kitchen.

    Bane: Tie between my obnoxious Upstairs neighbors and my lactose intolerance.

    Fragrance: A kind friend sent MANY decants and samples just before Christmas. My favorite gift of 2012. I've tried several of them, and a few have too much patchouli.

    Yippee/No! Seeing many cousins this coming Sunday. The memorial service of a deeply loved Aunt. (She was 90-----but still.) At one time, I had four aunts and three uncles. I am now down to one aunt.

    Daily gratitude: My friends, in person and internet. My cat. My life in general, I suppose.

    Forthcoming accomplishment: 31 years of sobriety on the 31.

    Lawrence in Ohio

  9. That's a shame about Bertie. There's a UK Kindle version but since the praise starting come in for the book, the price got whacked up by about a tenner. I feel quite put out.

    Book: finishing the Amelia Peabody series
    Music: Caro Emerald - good "walking to work in the cold" music

    Perfume: Molecule no. 1 - am in love but when the bottle ends, may move on to Mary Greenwell's Plum, which is growing on me.

    Makeup: I'm with you on the cream textures - just opened the Hourglass Aura blusher I bought ages ago - bloody brilliant stuff! Where has it been all my life? Answer: stuck in the makeup bag I haven't looked at for at least a year.

    Frequently worn item/outfit: thermals. It's snowing in the UK, and bitter cold.

    Food: Just had massive Sunday lunch (with proper roast potatoes) and chocolate cake. May never eat again. But it's winter, so generally, I agree with you on the melted cheese issue. Mine goes on a jacket potato.

    Guilty Pleasure: contemplating the handbags section of Browns website and considering whether I need a Balenciaga Giant Part-time bag in blue.

    Bane: My nails keep splitting in the cold.

    Joy: The scales - I've lost 4.5lbs since Christmas - woo hoo!

    Anticipation: Warmer weather!

    Wishlist: the highlighter from the new Chanel collection.

    Random thought: I'm with you on Lance Armstrong. I'd go further, though, and say bugger cycling generally. Ridiculous sport.


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