Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Want: Zemoneni Handmade Leather Bag

It's the weather and the time of the year that makes me start craving pink(ish) colors. That's why I was browsing Etsy for interesting spring handbags and came across this sweet little (6.5" x 6" x 4.6'') thing in apricot leather by Zemoneni ($206). It's probably a bit too small for my everyday needs, but it's such a cute spring/summer bag that I me be persuaded to stop carrying the kitchen sink every time I leave the house.

Photo by Zemoneni on Etsy.

 I'm not affiliated with the store or its owner, and have absolutely no commercial interest. Link is provided for your convenience only.


  1. charming bag! too small for me too though...

  2. I finally downsized my purse and my neck is so glad that I did. It's much easier to have the basics although it does force me to not carry my usual seven or eight lipsticks but just two or three instead!

  3. The thing is that other than a big wallet, my sunglasses case and a phone I also tend to carry a light sweater or a scarf, an emergency pair of flats, sometimes a Kindle or my iPad... I just can't travel light.


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