Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer Lipstick- BR503 Society, RD506 Foxy

The new colors from Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer Lipstick are incredibly pretty. I chose two: BR503 Society and RD506 Foxy, and even considering the number of lipsticks I have on rotation at any given moment, I predict these two will be worn and used to their base by the time summer is over. It's the combination of Shiseido's Tender Sheer formula that feels like a luxurious balm and these shades that are easy to wear and go with everything.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer lipsticks have a semi glossy finish with no actual shimmer particles. Their pigment intensity is very high for a sheer formula (on par with Burberry and Laura Mercier dark colors in similar formulas, better than Chanel and Dior). The lasting power is around 2-3 hours, leaving behind a light but even stain. The hyaluronic acid in the formula helps lips retain moisture and gives them a healthy look. The lipsticks are fragrance-free and only have the faintest waxy taste.

BR503 (Society) is a mauve brown that looks much more appealing on pigmented lips than on my arm. The sheer formula allows just enough of my natural dark rose lip color to show through, making this Shiseido lipstick a lovely and very flattering neutral(ish) shade. RD506 (Foxy) is a pink-based red that looks very cheerful yet chic. I don't know which one is my favorite. They're simply great colors and high quality.

Bottom Line: who could ask for more?

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer Lipstick ($25 each) are available at the counters and from shiseido.com.


  1. I did a lot of staring online but was a bit worried these might turn out to be too shimmery. The swatches and photos look awesome - love both the colors.

    Also, thanks for the link!! :)

  2. Glad to see they have new colors! I had been contemplating the Natural Red shade but thought that it might be too sheer. The ones you swatched look really really nice though.

  3. Nice! Looking forward to trying these when they hit the counters around here.

  4. Both look gorgeous! I have been looking for a new every-day red - one of these might be perfect!


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