Thursday, January 10, 2013

NARS Persia Single Eye Shadow Spring 2013

Here are some swatches of NARS Persia Single Eye Shadow from the Spring 2013 collection. I admit that the rich paprika shade of Persia has never been my first choice in eye makeup, but I've learned long ago that if I let it, NARS makeup can and will surprise me. This new eye shadow that's launching next week as part of NARS Spring 2013 look (and joins the permanent collection) was, indeed, a welcome surprise.

Persia is very soft and has a smooth matte finish. In my opinion it's one of NARS' best in terms of application and blending. I haven't experienced any fallout and discovered that it was incredibly easy to use and create exactly the look I was going for. Now, how does one actually wear a red clay or paprika eye shadow?

One option is as a crease color, the way I did with Ramatuelle. But yesterday I watched a new Pixiwoo video in which Sam does a sepia toned look, so I took inspiration from that and used a similar technique building an almost monochromatic face around Persia. I didn't go that far under the eye (and I mixed it with some matte taupe). I also toned it down a bit with an old Bobbi Brown color (it might have been Cement. LMdB Clay or Canvas will also work well, as well as Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Dust Seriema). I applied Persia and blended it with Paula Dorf Sheer Crease brush which was perfect for the task, but any pointy and directional blending brush will do. I used the same eye pencil as Sam did, the new Chanel Santal. I went with sheer red on my eyes and lips, blended down to almost nothing and chose a black mascara to get some contrast (Sam used brown). I went out for dinner and shopping with the husband and my brother-in-law. Neither one of them questioned my sanity and they both seemed happy with my company, so I guess the look wasn't atrocious.

Bottom Line: it's fun outside the comfort zone.

NARS Persia single eye shadow ($24) will be available starting January 15th on The products for this review was sent free of charge by NARS PR.


  1. Hi Gaia, I'm strangely drawn to the color, though reds or warm oranges aren't a part of my makeup routine. It does look like it's significantly different from Ramatuelle to warrant a look and from your description, the texture does sound nice!

  2. Wow, they are releasing some dark, muted strong colors for Spring 2013! Looks so rich and gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful indeed, but wayyyy too warm for me.

  4. When I first saw Persia, I thought, "Whoa!" After seeing it on your arm, I'm thinking, "Wow!" Mixed with rich, warm browns and just a bit of gold, this could create a stunning effect that would compliment my dark, warm green eyes. I think I'd be more inclined to wear it for summer or autumn; however.

    One thing I'll say about Nars, he certainly knows how to shake things up :-)

  5. Fun outside the comfort zone indeed! Thanks for all the tips, I too am enjoying the NARS spring collection and its fresh take on color this upcoming season.


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