Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chanel Stylo Eye Shadow: Moon River, Pink Lagoon, Blue Bay Summer 2013

L'Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection for Summer 2013 features Chanel's take on the popular and growing trend of a cream eye shadows in a stick form. Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks brought them to makeup counters where soon they were joined by Bobbi Brown. Now we have a similar product from Chanel, Stylo Eye Shadow. There are six shades in this collection, all limited edition. I dearly hope that the Stylo Eye Shadow is here to stay, though, and that Chanel is planning to give us new colors every season.

Chanel Stylo Eye Shadows are very creamy, easy to blend, long lasting (not quite as eternal as the ones from Laura Mercier, but they stay put over a primer and don't melt or smear. The swatches above are two layers of each color. You can make them more sheer (down to nothing but a light shimmer veil) or build up intensity as desired. They Stylo pencils can work as a base for other eye shadows but are also beautiful on their own, combined, or as the one and only color product on the lid for a minimalist look. You can experiment creating different effects with various brushes (MAC 217 for blending and sheering, a pencil brush for a more graphic look, etc.). These eye shadows are pretty and versatile.

I'll show you two more colors in a few days (the black and the jade green one. You can see more on Best Things In Beauty), but here are the first three I got (all have a shimmery almost metallic finish): Pink Lagoon (a mauve pink), Moon River (brass), and Blue Bay (summer sky). Out of these I expect Moon River to sell out first as it's a beautiful and complex neutral. Pink Lagoon is a surprisingly wearable color. It brightens up the eye area and at least on me doesn't look like a bruise, but I do prefer it with another color for contrast. Blue Bay is what the wretched True Blue eyeliner should have been: pigmented and soft enough to create the ocean blue look of the season.

Bottom Line: More!

Chanel Stylo Eye Shadows ($34 each) are limited edition. Available at the counters and from chanel.com.


  1. ooooh, I'm loving Moon River. Lovely.

  2. These are really beautiful. Could you please post the ingredients?

    I am looking forward to someone posting on the quad. Did you purchase it yet?

  3. Ohhhh Moon River is gorgeous, anything taupe is my kind of color.

  4. I got Moon River and Blue Bay yesterday, they're so gorgeous. Your review helped me approach the Chanel counter without passing out, the whole collection is beautiful. Thank you!

  5. I have moonriver and I LOVE the colour, I love the name and I love the brand. But everytime I try to use it near my eyes it feels like I put glass splitters in my eye and it hurts very much. Never have I experienced any allergic reaction to an eye product (apart from iching) but this is very painfull and I always have to wash it off. So unfortunate! I wonder how I can make it work for me. Maybe with an ultra sticky base and then rub any fallout off (but since the pain was quite unbarable I am still scared!)


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