Monday, April 30, 2012

Chanel Riviere Illusion d'Ombre Asia Exclusive Eye Shadow

Riviere is Chanel's Asia exclusive Illusion d'Ombre cream eye shadow. I usually never bother jumping through hoops to get Chanel Asia exclusive makeup items, as pretty as they are, because the colors tend to be too sheer and light for my preference (and skin tone). But Riviere is a sea foam green/blue beauty, so I absolutely had to have it.

Riviere has the familiar springy texture of Illusion d'Ombre and an almost metallic shimmery texture, but I find it to be a little milder and less glittery from some of the other shades in this Chanel range. It can be sheered for an all over wash or patted and packed. Chanel instructions (for all Illusion d'Ombre eye shadows) is to take the needed amount of product and avoid re-dipping and swirling in the pot, to save the eye shadow's integrity and texture. I did it for the swatches here, so you can see the little clump of Riviere I took out, and then used the applicator to apply as I would do on the eyelids.

Chanel's applicator is quite acceptable, but I'd recommend to also employ a cream eye shadow brush and/or a blending brush  for an even and precise placement and a nice finish. For best results and longevity, I also highly suggest using a primer. I've been wearing Riviere over the new Edward Bess eye shadow primers  and the results are wonderful.

Bottom Line: gorgeous.

Chanel Riviere Illusion d'Ombre cream eye shadow is an Asia Exclusive product. It's available from Chanel boutiques in Asia, so knowing someone who lives or travels to the relevant countries is your best bet. Flagship Chanel boutiques in the West sometimes I get a handful of items from rare collections, so it might be worth it to give them a call (especially if they know you as a regular customer). Right now, Strawberrynet also has Riviere in stock ($44). I usually advise against buying anything in cream texture from online discounters because the products can be older and past their prime, but in this case, since Riviere is relatively new I'd say the risk is minimal.


  1. If anyone is interested in similar colours - I would check out the new giorgio armani ETK. One of them in a seafoam grey/ green (it looks a lot greyer in blog pics i've seen). Also LM has a cavier stick in a similar colour.

    I say similar because I doubt either are dupes not wtihstanding the difference in texture.

  2. This looks beautiful, it looks like a perfect easy to wear shadow for summer. Must get over to StrawberryNet to purchase!


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