Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hourglass Suede Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo

Hourglass Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo in Suede is a perfect makeup item. Yes, it's variations on a beige theme, but when it comes to our faces, beige is not a bad word. The shimmery duo includes an ivory and a taupish beige, and the way it's going to work for you depends on your skin tone.

I saw Hourglass Suede Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo on a pale, almost translucent skin of a woman with red hair and blue eyes, and it was a beautiful look that made her eyes stand out. Then there's me, whose eyelids are much darker (it's the green undertone plus the abundance of blood vessels). On me, this duo is nude perfection. Shimmer eye shadows don't really qualify as a "no makeup" look, but this is as close as it gets without losing the highlighting and brightening effect of Hourglass eye shadows.

The silky texture of Hourglass products is legendary. Suede goes on silky and smooth, needs little blending if any, and stays on, pretty and flattering over a primer, until you're ready to take your makeup off. It's also great over a cream shadow base, from Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier to Ellis Faas. Pair with a black eyliner, and a red lipstick for the a gorgeous classic look.

Bottom Line: three more duos to get.

Hourglass Suede Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo ($38) is available from Barneys, Bergdorf and Sephora, online and in store.


  1. I am in trouble because I am tempted with more neutrals. I can't get enough:)

    1. I'm with you. There are never enough neutrals, especially in this superb texture.

  2. so gorgeous! a silly question--what nail polish are you wearing in the photos? it practically gleams!

    1. Not silly at all. It's Trafalgar Red from ByTerry :) .


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