Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hourglass Prism Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo

This is as pretty as it gets. Prism Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo is probably the first item you notice on the Hourglass display counter. The compact holds to gorgeous eye shadows that make for a very bold combination: a very high shimmer storm blue and a rich black infused with micro glitter that looks like a fantasy night sky. Prism is a "wow" product.

I can't remember how many times I looked at this Hourglass duo, played with the tester and sighed. So pretty, but when will I ever use it? Eventually, my love of shiny objects got the better of me and I took it home, trying not too feel too guilty about the unpractical purchase. I shouldn't have fretted. While Prism is obviously an evening eye shadow duo, a clubbing habit is not required. Even a boring 41 year old can wear it without looking ridiculous.

Before I get to my favorite way to wear Prism, I should mention that the texture (like all Hourglass eye shadow duos that I've tried) is phenomenal. It's smooth to the touch, provides full coverage and intense pigment while being easy to apply and blend. These eye shadows cooperated with every brush I've tried so far and never fail to look like a million dollar.

Now, as I said, Prism is not a "meet the parents" or a work interview combination (neither are the two colors even when applied separately). These colors are not for the meek, but if you're looking for a little glamour and can pull of certain blue shades it's worth trying. The blue is all silk. Patting it gently on the middle of the lid brings out brown eyes and flatters darker skin tones. You will want to use it with a light hand and a soft brush and blend the color into your base. This is not the kind of color I like in the crease (too much shimmer and a little too bright), so I've been playing with many options. My favorite as the backdrop? The matte dove gray shade (Empire) from Le Metier de Beaute's Splendid Frost Kaleidoscope (Holiday 2010). I use it in the crease and to help blend the shimmery blue side of Prism. Then I take a damp smoky eye brush  (or a small pencil brush) to line and contour with the stunning glittery black. There's no fallout or mess involved, and as long as I keep the line clean and not exaggerated, the result is beautiful and never overdone.

Bottom Line: red carpet-worthy.

Hourglass Prism Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo ($38) is available from Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman and Sephora.


  1. This sounds awesome! and it looks even better!

  2. Hi Gaia,

    Thanks for the wonderful post. I am in love with Hourglass duos. I own all 6 of them (yes, even Lagoon!) As you've written they are as good as it gets and some more. For daily use I cannot recommend Gypsy and Suede enough but everyone should also check Exhibition and Prism as well.


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