Monday, September 23, 2013

A Look At Lauren Moshi Victoria Herringbone Bow Silk Chiffon Scarf

 Lauren Moshi clothes and accessories are designed and made in Los Angeles and it shows. Most of the line is far too L.A. for my taste and style (overpriced sweatpants and slouchy tank dresses), but I have a thing for a good check pattern, especially with a modern twist like this bow print. The silk chiffon scarf ($174, is the right mix of elegant and cute, and I'd be happy to wear it. The tote bag with the same bow ($88, below) looks too much like a diaper bag, but it is useful for travel or schlepping books, iPad and other various necesseties around town.  The one thing that deeply annoys me is Lauren Moshi's error in naming the bow print range. This is a houndstooth pattern, not a herringbone, something that I expect a fashion designer to know.

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