Monday, September 09, 2013

Face Stockholm Eyebrow Shadow (Storm)

This Face Stockholm Eyebrow Shadow is the first product from the Wantable beauty box I'm reviewing. Face Stockholm is another one of those fly-under-the-radar brands, at least in the US (they have a much stronger presence in Europe, especially in their native Sweden). I sometimes pass by the SoHo store, but the touristy location tends to put me off. I suspect I'm the one losing here, though, because if the quality of the Eyebrow Shadow is any indication, Face Stockholm deserves my full attention.

I received the Eyebrow Shadow in Storm, the darkest color. In the pan it appears like an off-black, but on skin it's much blacker. My natural eyebrow (and lash) color is very dark brown that has absolutely no hint of red or any warmth. Thus, brow powders or pencils in brown tend to be too warm, especially since my olive skin (very green undertones) brings out the absolute worst in them. I do better with grays, cool taupes and the color Suqqu calls "Moss Green". An almost-black is still much (MUCH!) better than most true browns for my eyebrows, and in testing and playing with Storm I discovered that a light application (quickly dip an angled brush in the powder, take off most of the product on the back of your hand (so you can use it for the other eyebrow), touch up your brow as needed , and finish by combing with a clean spoolie to get a light and even look. The result is very well-defined and not too dramatic, even though I prefer to wear it as an evening look and keep things lighter if I fill my brows during the day.

I'm highly impressed with the fine texture and longevity of this Face Stockholm product. Few things are worse than having one's brows disintegrate mid-day. This Eyebrow Shadow adheres to the skin and hair perfectly and stays put even without a finishing wax or gel, as long as you don't rub it, of course.

Bottom Line: a good one.

Face Stockholm Eyebrow Shadow ($24, or $20 for a refill pan) is available from, select salons and Face Stockholm boutiques. The product for this review was sent to me as part of a free Wantable box.


  1. Face Stockholm is one line that never disappoints-their Cranberry Veil is wonderful.

  2. J. Crew has been offering a few select items of FACE Stockholm lipstick, blush and nail polish in their stores. I love the coral red lipstick I picked up. The shimmery gold beige nail polish I got on sale for less than $4 is probably one of the longest lasting more durable polishes in my collection. I'm going to be in NY soon and I think I will definitely check out their shop in person.

  3. Will you include a picture of your eyebrows with the product please? :D


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