Thursday, September 05, 2013

Beauty Addicts Mineral SheerTINT SPF 20- Cameo Glow

The first look (and swatch) I took  of Beauty Addicts Mineral SheerTINT SPF 20 in Cameo Glow was quite scary: too shiny and too orange. Of course, the veiny underside of my arm is substantially more green than my face, so the tint in this tinted moisturizer looked just a bit off. However, on my face the color matches pretty close to perfect (I never need to add even a tiny drop of a white foundation even on my zombie days). The shine translates to a very subtle dewy glow when buffed into the skin, and I find the finish very pretty and natural-- not shiny, just healthy.

Beauty Addicts Mineral SheerTINT SPF 20 has a very light texture that blends and melds with the skin beautifully. I admit to not testing the power of the SPF here, as I always use a higher one underneath. I can tell you that the coverage is low but consistent, the tinted moisturizer gives an even finish, and that longevity is phenomenal. It seems that even after a long day when it's time for cleansing, the tint is still fully there. Of course, I use very good base products and cement everything into place using thin layers (primer, powder, etc.),  but still, this is very impressive for a tinted moisturizer.

Bottom Line: one of my biggest surprises over the summer.

Beauty Addicts Mineral SheerTINT SPF 20 ($32) is available from The product for this review was sent by PR.

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