Thursday, September 12, 2013

Naomi Campbell In Versace- Then And Now

The year was 1992 and Naomi Campbell was one of the faces (and bodies) who immortalized the Atelier Versace's fall collection. She wasn't the only one, of course, as this photo of Kristen McMenamy shot by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia was also an iconic and unforgettable fashion moment:

Here's another shot of Naomi Campbell for the Verscae campaign:

Back to 2013. Naomi has one of the best closets in the known universe. While I have a green checked skirt from 1992 that I still wear, Naomi has this:

These photos of Naomi Campbell in her vintage Atelier Versace dress were taken on Tuesday at the Novak Djokovic Foundation dinner in NYC.

In theory, I don't love the dress. But I love Naomi in that dress. She has the right attitude and personality, and I think she's grown perfectly into this image that fits her even better now than at age 22. What a difference between her and Miley Cyrus who wore a piece from that mythical collection recently:

Photos of Naomi Campbell and Miley Cyrus via Zimbio.


  1. Frankly, I'm surprised by how good Miley looks in that dress. She has the body for it, and the hair continues the look. (Lost the tats, though.) And although I'm not a fan, as long as she keeps her tongue in her mouth, I'm OK.

  2. It takes a woman to wear certain dresses. :) It's not that Miley isn't cute (when she's not doing odd things) but she does look like a little girl in a big girl dress.

    1. I'd also say Naomi's got the perfect shoulders and neckline for that dress, Miley needs a 'bit' more height.

  3. Kudos to Miley for lowering the IQ of this dress! XD
    On a more serious note, I personally prefer Ms. McMenamy's edgy, androgynous vibe.

  4. Not a fan of Naomi either I'm afraid. I just can't like her?!

  5. I prefer Naomi in the dress, she knows what she is wearing. Sadly, Miley Cyrus looks like she thinks she is posing in a cute little prom dress.

  6. Definetely Naomi wears it better, her angular hair and earrings offsetting the sexiness of the exposed skin, a face expression and body language that subdues the risque edge of the dress, elevating it to a sublime graphic body glove... I agree better styled than at 22.

    Regardless her youth or cuteness, Miley wears the Versace as to complete hertough pop-diva-costume, shallow gaze included ( imagine you were to draw her picture by hand, the eyes are literally concentric circles without any or hints of any other expression, is a literal dead stare s-miley).

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