Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Body Lotions: Skin Doctors and Olivina

Summer and winter, I'm always using large amounts of body creams, butters, and lotions in the hope of having semi-presentable legs. That's how it is when some of one's genetic material apparently comes from crocodiles. Right now there are two products on my bedside table: Olivina Milk & Honey Hand & Body Lotion, and Skin Doctors Supermoist 24hr Hydrating Body Moisturizer. I reach for both and find them effective and pleasant to use, even if I doubt I'll (re)purchase once I'm done with either.

Olivina Milk & Honey Hand & Body Lotion
This is the fun product of these two. It comes in a pump bottle (kitten resistant, which is an important feature these days). The lotion is supposed to be all-natural, has a relatively light texture that sinks quickly into skin, and contains lactic acid that helps get rid of dead skin cells. I was hoping for a true milk and honey scent, but this Olivina lotion is coconuty/creamy and I can't detect any honey. It's quite rich for a lotion and I find that I like the way my skin feels (and smells) after slathering. Moisturizing effect is retained for about 6-8 hours on body, 3 hours on hands.
Olivina Milk & Honey Hand & Body Lotion ($18, 9oz) is available from The product for this review was sent by PR.

Skin Doctors Supermoist 24hr Hydrating Body Moisturizer
This is the heavy duty no frills product. I can't say the hydrating effect persists for 24 hours, but it  does the job and keeps my legs in good shape for the day, even when I'm out and about in hot, dry, and dusty environments. The cream is unscented, non-sticky and leaves no visible residue. It's not exactly a crunchy granola type of product or a super luxurious item, as among the ingredients you'll find petrolatum, mineral oil, various parabens, and silicone. But it's effective and can be shared with a scaly man who refuses to borrow your fluffier body creams.
Skin Doctors Supermoist 24hr Hydrating Body Moisturizer ($29.99, 6.8oz) is available from

Photo of Angela Lansbury and her splendid legs via Stirred, Straight Up, With A Twist.

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