Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Face Stockholm Port Gel Eyeliner

This Face Stockholm Gel Eyeliner in Port (and the Japonesque travel size eyeliner brush pictured above) were part of my Wantable Box. I have to say that I'm in love with this eyeliner and my interest in Face Stockholm has doubled and tripled over the last few weeks.

I love gel eyeliners. LOVE. The ease of application and their general tenacity have made these little pots of color an essential part of my makeup arsenal. Like many of us, I started with Bobbi Brown, later adding every single color of theYSL gel liners. And now come these. Port is nearly identical to YSL Effet Faux Cils Long-Wear Cream Eyeliner in Cherry Black. I think it's a little less glossy, but honestly, when drawing a fine line over the lashes you can't tell which is which. Performance and longevity are similar, though I suspect the Face Stockholm liner yields a bit better to makeup removers, thus it might crumble or melt faster under really bad enviromental conditions.

Port is a blackened reddish brown with a little shimmer (not really shiny when applied on the eyes) and dries down quite matte. It's beautiful, complex, look good on olive skin and will be absolutely stunning against pale skin and blue eyes.

Bottom Line: gorgeous.

 Face Stockholm Port Gel Eyeliner ($24) is available from The product for this review was part of a free Wantable Box that was sent for my consideration.

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  1. My only FS product is a lipstick that I bought on a whim because it just sounded so Swedish: it's a "tangerine red" called Ullas Roda. It ended up as my go-to red this summer, because it's comfortable and easy to apply without liner or lip brush. What a lucky strike!


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