Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pixi Beauty Emerald Gold Endless Silky Eye Pen

Emerald Gold is the new color in Pixi's fabulous Endless Silky Eye Pen line. It replaces the discuntinued True Teal (why, Pixi, why???). Emerald Gold is a rich blueish green with the subtle shimmer of this Pixi range.  The pencil is as soft and creamy as they get, easy to apply and last forever once set. I find the texture suitable for tightlining (the shimmer particles are invisible and non-irritating). They're lovely as is, but also make a great base for powder eye shadows that need a little support.

The one downside of pencils that are so soft and creamy is that you need to sharpen them for every use, losing some product in the process and going through them rather quickly. Still, having a full line of beautiful eyeliners in both basic neutrals as well as complex bold colors, is a true pleasure.

Bottom Line: I'm a fan.

 Pixi Emerald Gold Endless Silky Eye Pen ($15) is available at Target (if you're brave enough) and online from pixibeauty.com.


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  2. Wow, True Teal looks gorgeous, too bad it's discontinued.


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