Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Trio Eye Pencil Sharpener

I forgot to include the Trio Eye Pencil Sharpener from Rouge Bunny Rouge in my post last week, ironically because it was in the wrong drawer. However, this sharpener deserves its own post, so it's all good. Rouge Bunny Rouge created a double-chamber sharpener that accommodates pencils in three sizes: the regular thin one, a thick/medium and the popular chubby girth. I wasn't fully aware that I had two kinds of thick pencils, as the medium one seems too be less common. I went through the eye and lip pencils I own and the only ones that fit the medium size are the now discontinued Sue Devitt Lip Intensifiers. I'm pretty sure that I used to sharpen them with the old Sue Devitt tool before acquiring this RBR one, but it's been a while. For the record, they're thinner than the Eye Intensifiers. The latter, as well as NARS chubby lip and eye pencils, Rouge Bunny Rouge's own Brightening Liner Duo, and any other old lip crayon I could find all need the widest sharpening option, which you get when removing the insert from the larger chamber.

The cleaning pick is located inside the cover, so you need to remove it first. When putting it back into place, take note that there's only one right way to do it, with the tiny handle pointing down. It's a bit annoying and requires nimble fingers (and no help from well-meaning kittens), but this piece of German engineering is sturdy and can take some use and abuse, so it's worth the hassle.

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Trio Eye Pencil Sharpener ($10, and even more expensive if you buy directly from the company at the current exchange rate) is available from BeautyHabit.com and rougebunnyrouge.com. The product for this review was sent to me free of charge.

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