Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Want: Gold Cuff

Gold is supposed to be back big time, but did it really ever go away?

I admit that I'm in a bit of a metallic period, having spent a little too much time looking at various cast iron and brass antiques for the home. The elaborate style must have rubbed on me, because I just found myself staring at this Emilio Pucci statement cuff.  Now, I suspect that in real life this Pucci accessory would look not just gaudy, but utterly too big for my arm and general proportions. I guess I liked the photo more than the bracelet itself.

 Most of us would probably do better with the Saint Laurent stacked cuff:

However, searching for vintage stuff is much more fun than spending four figures on net-a-porter. A quick browse at Etsy and I was already planning outfits around these:

Photos: net-a-porter and Etsy.

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  1. It's when I look at cuffs like the first one that I curse my arms for not being the right size for them. Cuffs need long, lean arms. I put on a cuff and it's looks like I'm wearing shackles. lol One can dream though!


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