Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Face Atelier Eye Shadows: Metallic Taupe, Iced Amethyst, Parchment, Suede

Face Atelier is a makeup brand that mostly flies under the radar. It's too bad, really, because they have some very solid performers (their white foundation is a staple for mixing and customizing). If I had to, I'd compare Face Atelier to MAC, just without the hype and the neverending limited collections. The similarity is pretty evident in the eye shadow palette/refill system, as you can see here. I chose four colors for my basic neutral palette: two mattes- Parchment (nude beige), and Suede (medium brown, perfect for the crease), and two satin/shimmer shades: Iced Amethyst and Metallic Taupe. Iced Amethyst is a silvery lilac gray, while metallic taupe is darker and slightly more brown.

Both eye shadow textures are very smooth and even the matte ones are easy to blend. The shimmer is at an elegant grownup level, and the overall performance is very good. I can't say that these Face Atelier colors are very unique or exciting, but they are of very good quality, solid workhorses kind of items. Applied over a primer, they last all day, and the shades are spot-on for neutral wearable looks (add a navy blue eyeliner and that's my signature eye makeup).

Bottom Line: will be used down to the pan.

Face Atelier refillable palette ($10) and eye shadows ($17 each) are available from faceatelier.com.

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  1. I would love to try this palette out. Love the colors for they will make a great eye makeup. This will be def be in my purchase list.


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