Monday, September 16, 2013

Storing Makeup Brushes

At the moment most of my makeup brushes are neatly stored in flat drawers where I can see them at a glance and pick the right one immediately. However, I do keep several vintage cups on top of the dresser to hold some of my most used brushes (and another one for dirty brushes waiting to be washed). One of my favorite brush holders is the little vase you see above. I bought it an antique store and knew immediately that it was perfect (I wish I could find more).

Other options for brush holders are flower bowls and frogs. I saw the one above on Etsy, and would have bought it immediately even though I'm not necessarily a fan of carnival glass; however it's in the UK and shipping costs are painful. Regular vintage flower frogs are cheap and easy to find.

Do you have any creative ideas for brush storage? Please share.


  1. Love this idea! So cool, it separates them perfectly! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's such a genius idea! I've been using pencil cups for mine, but my biggest issue is they're all tumbled together and I always have to search for the one I want. Expect this to make an appearance on my vanity soon :-)

  3. Such a pretty way to display your brushes, that's functional too! I just keep mine in a really roomy travel bag that rolls up nicely, and then I have a little cup for the ones that I've used during the week and need to be washed. If I had more counter space or a vanity I would love to do something like this too! :)

  4. Just a note for those freshly washed brushes: Painters are taught to store freshly cleaned brushes (all of them, the cheapest and the ones that cost hundreds) flat until they are thoroughly dry. Otherwise, moisture can travel down into the ferrule (metal crimp) and stay there, rotting the glue that helps keep the bristles/hairs from falling out. I think this would apply to cosmetic brushes, as well?


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