Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bath & Body Works- Forever Midnight

Forever Midnight is a big juicy floriental with a touch of the colorful 80s. It's really BIG. As in a one unwashable spritz that lasts for 12 hours big.  I admit that I didn't expect that from Bath & Body Works. Not that I'm sure what I did expect; the name "Forever Midnight" annoyed me too much to even think about it. But if we ignore the idea of an eternal midnight and concentrate on the perfume, you'll have to admit that this big bucket of spicy plum is a pretty nice surprise.

Forever Midnight makes me think of a simplified Jil Sander No.4 with a very gourmand base. It's the opposite of many fresh fruit scents and clean body mists that are usually associated with Bath & Body Works (I can't tell them apart, and honestly- I'd rather not try). In fact, there's nothing fresh or clean about Forever Midnight, and it's not even trying to pretend. The perfume opens with a massive plum and a hit of the spice cabinet (coriander? cardamom? it's a bit abstract but my nose and money are on the first one). The floral notes move in rather quickly, adding a hint of powder. Rose isn't mentioned but there is something rosy about the heart, and it goes well with the diva attitude of the jasmine and orchid-like note that rules the core of this perfume. The jasmine note is more prominent when the skin is very warm, adding to the sultriness of it all.

Then comes the dry-down. Caramel and vanilla that don't try to be anything other than yummy. This is what the midnight thing is all about: a date night perfume that has every intention to make the night last until breakfast. Maybe it's not very subtle or refined, but I have a feeling that Forever Midnight is quite effective. I'm happy to see that Bath &Body Works is adding something that doesn't feel like I'm wearing coconut water.

Notes: plum, night blooming jasmine, vanilla orchid, spices, caramel liqueur.

Bath & Body Works- Forever Midnight ($45, 2.5oz EDP) is available from B&BW stores and online. They even have a 1/4oz purse spray that is currently on sale for $6.  The sample for this review was sent by PR.

Art: Orchids and Plums by Jim McVicker, 2011.

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  1. Our local B&BW said this was being discontinued, and they had a bin of all the presentations of it for 70% off as of post-Christmas, 2014. I bit; I think I will like this for office friendly! Thanks for the review, because I don't usually go to that store.



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