Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Currently- November 2013

I just finished Barbara Herman's excellent book Scent & Subversion that I reviewed yesterday. I promised the husband that I'll read The Circle by Dave Eggers, so this will be next.

Tom Odell- Grow Old with Me

Various documentaries on PBS. I especially enjoyed the one about the founder of Selfridge's.

Barbara's book sent me to my vintage cabinet and drawers. Tonight I'm wearing Canasta by Jacques Fath. It got me several compliments and more than one person thought I was wearing Mitsouko.

Ellis Faas eye shadows, Kjaer Weis blushes.

Frequently Worn Item/Outfit
Knit dresses, vintage earrings, high heels. It's my uniform lately.

Homemade vegetarian bibimbap. It's incredibly satisfying and easy (as long as the husband is responsible for chopping and stir-frying the veggies.

Aftelier perfumed teas. Here's Donna's review; mine will follow soon.

My lungs are trying to leave my body by breaking the ribs. Fun times.



Those Tabitha Simmons shoes I talked about yesterday. Shoes in general.

Random Thought
There really is something special about orange cats.

How are you? Please share your thoughts, recommendations, banes and joys!

Photo of Natalie Wood in 1959 via Stirred, straight Up, With a Twist.


  1. Bob is a very handsome chap and I'm so glad you adopted an adult cat. I've done that a number of times too. And I agree with you about orange cats. I have an orange and a calico. I have Barbara's book on order and I can't wait.

  2. just wanted to say Happy Birthday!

  3. I would never have guessed that the photo above came from the 1950's. My first glance guessed 1980's. I'm getting into roasting my vegetables since it's getting colder.

    I'm reading *Sex With the King.* It is a true rendering of the various mistresses of the European kings while it was in fashion to be a mistress. Last night I read about the mistresses of Louis XIV. It was hilarious.

    It is true about orange tabbies. I have also read that they are mostly male and that they are something special.

  4. Happy Birthday! Can you post the recipe or method for the bibimbap? So happy that you and Bob have been united, it was meant to be. Shoes make a lovely birthday present!

  5. BiBimBap recipe please! :)

  6. Yum…I'm a vegan and probably my favorite thing to eat is bibimbap (with tofu, not egg). As others have said, I'd love to see your recipe. I've never made it myself.

    And orange cats--yes, I've always heard they're special. How lovely that you get to experience their magic!

  7. Book: Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz. It's a freaky time travel tale.

    Music: Anything by Vivaldi. His joyous music just seems right on these glorious autumn days when the sun sparkles and the wind plays with the colorful leaves.

    TV: The Blacklist. I'm addicted to that series.

    Perfume: Café Rose

    Makeup: Chanel's Charming has become a daytime favorite. Tom Ford's She Wolf still rules the night.

    Frequently Worn: Layers! The day starts out cold and crisp and steadily warms up into the high 70's by early afternoon.

    Food: I've had no appetite this week.

    Drink: My Nespresso machine has been getting quite a work out! Thankfully, Nespresso makes decaf, too.

    Bane: None

    Joy: Morning walks up into the foothills with the huskies.

    Anticipation: Thanksgiving!

    Wishlist: A joyous holiday season for everyone.

    Random Thought: Online anonymity has resulted in a serious loss of civility. I'm always saddened to see a conversation hijacked by the trolls and haters.

  8. Wasn't Natalie Wood darling? Such a cute picture. I love Blacklist too. I think James Spader is her dad!

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Isn't Spader great? I think he's her dad, too, but my curiosity has been piqued by her husband. Who is that man, really. :-)

  9. The Circle sounds fascinating, and I notice it has a relatively modest price on Kindle - which is very sly of Amazon, isn't it? nozknoz

  10. Hi Gaia! I Love your Currently's :) Oakerz here's me own:
    Book - Ummm, thinking of re-reading The Hobbit before Desolation of Smaug comes out. Hmmm..
    Music - Molly Ringwald
    TV - The Ultimate Fighter
    Perfume - Theorema & Magie Noire
    Makeup - None
    Frequent Outfit - Cozy socks I can skate across the floor in
    Food - Cambell's Sweet Potato Tomatillo Bisque
    Drink - Hot Chocolate
    Bane - No serious banes. I do long for Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea. Z's out and it's a pity.
    Joy - Making thingz :)
    Anticipation - The Desolation of Smaug. Of course. :)
    Wishlist - Wild mad wondrous Wishing
    Random Thought - Friendship is priceless

    Have a Groovy Thursday!

  11. Book-Game of Thrones series, I’m on book three and it’s 1000 pages. Very detailed and intense…
    Music-Anything soothing.
    TV-The Blacklist, and lots of X-Files reruns.
    Perfume-Lots of vintage Shiseido Feminite du Bois perfume.
    Makeup-Lancome Kohl eye liners, Vincent Longo lip/cheek gel colors. Wish I could find a brick and mortar store for the latter.
    Frequently Worn Item/Outfit-A 30 year old pleated Banana Republic Khaki walking skirt (think Out of Africa style) with mens-wear lace up oxford shoes and multi strand pearl necklace.
    Food-Persian Food.
    Drink-Pumpkin chai lattes (soy), I find them very comforting.
    Bane-My health.
    Joy-Upcoming holiday campus break, I need time away.
    Wishlist-Better health and a really lovely pair of hand made leather shoes.
    Random Thought
    I agree, there really is something special about orange cats. My most recent orange tabby was named Riley, and we all adored him. He was very sweet and confident, and protective. He would follow me around the house like a puppy and when I was in the hospital, he would wait by the front door for me to come home.


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