Monday, November 04, 2013

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

Skincare In Time Of Cholera Common Cold

I have a cold. A pretty nasty one, actually, which always leads to dry and stresses skin. I get flakes around and under the nose, while other parts of my face become sensitive and prone to breakouts (all that touching and rubbing, I guess), puffy around the eyes, and have I mentioned dry skin yet?  I have it all and it ain't pretty.

Naturally, half the stuff I usually put on my face becomes unusable or ineffective when I need it most, so this is the time for bringing in the big guns. Enter Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask. Technically, it's a mask, so you're supposed to let it sit for 15 minutes and wipe off whatever's left. But as long long as one doesn't slather a super thick coat of the Black Rose Mask it can actually be left to do its thing indefinitely, which is calming and hydrating stressed skin. This Sisley mask doesn't sting even on the chaffed nose area, which is small wonder since just about everything else burns. The cream mask also restores moisture and makes skin looks healthy even when the germs are having a party inside, so I always use it under makeup when I have to leave the house in my current state. It makes a visible difference almost immediately as well a s overnight. Using the mask for the 3-5 days of suffering usually ensures that there are no lingering consequences on my face.

I'm on my second tube of this Precious and have discarded the box, so I don't have the full list of ingredients. Here's what the Sisley website tells us (and no, it doesn't mention if the delicate rose scent is natural or artificial, but as I said-- the mask doesn't sting even on the raw area around the nose, so I'm assuming there's no alcohol-based fragrance in there):

Extract of Black Rose: Possesses smoothing and anti-free radical properties
Extract of Great Mullein (new active ingredient) : Protects and soothes skin
Extract of Alkekengi Calyx: Stimulates the synthesis of Collagen fibres, possesses anti-collagenase effects
Extract of Red Vine leaf: Tones skin and improves radiance
Extract of Padina pavonica: Stimulates the synthesis of glycoaminoglycanes
Extract of Chlorella: revitalizes
Essential oils of Rose and Magnolia: Soothe skin
Phytosqualane: Possesses emollient and moisturizing properties

Bottom Line: it works.

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask ($158, 60ml) is available from select department stores and online.

As you can see in the photo, my other must-have for times like these is a cuddly kitten. Lizzy does an excellent job.


  1. split the corner of my lip the other day, and started using eucerin's aquaphor on it, and voila, it healed really quickly. it worked on my ink, so figured it work there, and it did. highly recommend for your cold-inflamed skin.


  2. Lizzy is beautiful! Where have you been hiding her?

  3. I'vm nearly finishing my first tube of this and I'll certainly repurchase! it's a life-saver. The Sisley SA who recommended it to me also recommended that I use a light coat and leave it overnight. It's also very effective to fake a rested look when you haven't slept nearly enough!

  4. I love the utilization of your cats in your product photographs!

  5. I had a deluxe sample of this some time back but balked when I found out the price. I was lucky enough to get another sample recently. I think i need to just suck it up and go purchase it.


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