Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Providence Perfume Company- Beauty Elixir Oil For Hair & Nails

A few of my favorite artisan perfumers have been expanding their lines to include hand-crafted body products and treatment oils that combine the benefits of potent natural ingredients with the perfumers' knowledge of the aromatherapeutic qualities of certain materials. The finished products are not only rich, elegant, and luxurious, but also wonderfully effective. Perfumer Charna Ethier of Providence Perfume Company has recently added this Beauty Elixir Oil For Hair & Nails to her bath & body line (I'm a huge fan of the body oils), and just like everything else she does- it's fabulous.

The 100% natural and botanically based oil base used for the Providence Beauty elixir is a blend of organic argan, camellia, coconut, avocado and neem oils. It feel light to the touch and absorbs quickly, but the way my cuticles and hands feel after application tells me that there's some serious power behind the elegant texture. I haven't used it on my hair, since I have a big head of hair and the 2oz in the bottle will be gone far too quickly if I did, so I can't comment on the oil's effectiveness in this regard. But as a dry and rough cuticle, elbow, and other fun location treatment, this is a gorgeous and potent oil that replaced for me other nail treatments.

A big part of the luxurious feel of the Providence Elixir Oil is the scent. There can be no doubt that the composition was created by a skilled perfumer, as the orange blossom, jasmine, apricot and neroli oils bring in the sun. If you like orange blossom and neroli this oil is going to make you smile and even relax a little as you apply the oil and massage it in. Charna Ethier recommends using the elixir as part of your bedtime ritual (the dropper makes it easy to dispense the right amount without waste). I agree and also add as a pre-manicure treatment and throughout the day, especially if you just got in from a day when you forgot your gloves (it's not just me, right?).

Bottom Line: a fabulous gift for yourself or a much-deserving loved one.

Providence Perfume Company- Beauty Elixir Oil For Hair & Nails ($44, 2oz) is available from The product was sent for my consideration by the perfumer.

"Woman’s hands and neck with pearls", 1930s - Photographed by Willy Kessels


  1. Oh, my! I'd love to know how this compares to Aroma M Camellia Hair Oil....


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