Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Want: Aurélie Bidermann's Gold Lace Cuff

I've been searching for a statement bracelet recently. I tend to prefer vintage and antique pieces, but I've had zero success so far. A wide cuff has to fit a certain way, be prportional to the wrist and arm,  and not move too much, and my wrists are almost freakishly bony and narrow, so none of the gorgeous pieces I tried on looked right. Then at the NYC antique show at the Piers I saw a stunning pair of 1960s Valentino mesh cuffs that made my heart skip a beat, only to discover that they were too SMALL (that's a first). So I've been looking online and fell in love with this Aurélie Bidermann's gold-plated lace-effect cuff . Isn't it gorgeous?

$725 from net-a-porter.com, which is the source of the photo.


  1. Hi Gaia, This is off topic, but you seem like someone who would like vintage fashion. I went to the Grace Kelly exhibit now in Doylestown, PA and it was great. I loved seeing her gowns and famous Hermes bag. Look it up, it is well worth the trip.

  2. I wish I could wear such a lovely cuff, but as you say, they have to suit the arm they are going on. If I put on a cuff it looks like I have manacles on my wrists. So sad!


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